Release Notes

Release notes covering all releases of the Foursquare Studio platform, including:

Version 1.57

Released March 22nd, 2023

Introducing Projects

Projects are spaces for teams to organize maps and datasets. Offering folder support, Projects allow you to structure your assets in a way that makes sense to your team.

A project example showing four folders.

A project example showing four folders.

Raster Layer: Single Band Support

The Raster Layer now offers single band support. With single band image selection enabled, users may choose to view any individual raster band available in a STAC collection.

Switching through individual raster bands.

Hex Tiles: Dynamic Color Scale

The new Dynamic Color Scale option for Hex Tiles updates the color scale domain based on the area visible in the viewport.

Dynamic Color Scale enabled on a Hex Tiles dataset.

Data Connectors: Multi-Selection Query Dropdown

Data connectors now support multi-selection via the query parameter dropdown feature.

Querying data from several US states via multi-select.

Querying data from several US states via multi-select.

Version 1.56

Released February 22nd, 2023

Chart Improvements

A host of chart enhancements has landed to Studio. Users may now add custom labels to the Y axis, toggle grid lines, and apply padding between bars and groups.

Customizing a chart in Studio.

Annotation Improvements

Editing annotations is now easier with a number of bug fixes and quality-of-life changes. All annotations on a map can now be toggled on or off from the Interactions tab, and the rich text editor now supports vertical alignment.

Hiding/showing all annotations on a map.

Version 1.55

Released February 9th, 2023

Charts: Hex Tile Support

Charts can now display data from Hex Tiles within the viewport. Summarize massive datasets using bar, line, and big number charts.

Panning and zooming with Hex Tile charts.

Charts: Benchmark

You may now designate a group from a column to serve as a benchmark for line and bar charts. Use benchmarks to evaluate how a business stacks up to competitors, if a franchise is meeting its goals, and much more.

Comparing average sales across age groups against an "All Stores" benchmark.

Comparing average sales across age groups against an "All Stores" benchmark.

Version 1.54

Released January 25th, 2023

(Contains features from 1.53)


Studio's new Annotation feature lets you place text and callouts on the map. Equipped with a rich text editor, annotations are highly customizable, supporting fonts, colors, hyperlinks, and more.

Annotations pointing to locations in New York City.

Annotations pointing to locations in New York City.

Save and Share Base Maps

Add base maps to your workspace for future reuse. Saved base maps can also be shared with all members of your organization, allowing any member of your team to use a custom base map.

Base Maps saved to a shared workspace.

Expressions: New Aggregation Functions

Aggregate data from columns using a new suite of aggregation expressions, including sum, count, quantile, and more. Big number charts support these expressions, letting you compute and display aggregated metrics in a matter of seconds.

A big number chart displaying the sum of a column.

Data Connectors: Test Connection

Before adding a data connector, the new Test Connection feature communicates with your database to verify your connection prior to adding the connector. If your connection fails or is rejected, an error message will be relayed from your data provider.

New Asset Tile Cards

Assets are now represented with new compact, responsive title cards. This is only a sneak peek of our upcoming dashboard improvement that further enables team collaboration on Foursquare Studio.

Version 1.52

Released December 14th, 2022

Dashboard Improvement: Workspace

Your maps, datasets, queries, and data connectors can now be found in the Workspace tab. Spend less time searching for assets with this new easy-to-navigate interface.

Navigating through the new workspace tab.

New Expression Editor

Our expression editor has been redesigned to expedite column creation. Find our library of built-in functions on the left panel, then view function definitions and expected parameters in the editor window.

Creating a new column in the new expression editor.

Version 1.51

Released November 23rd, 2022

H3 Layer Improvements

The H3 layer now supports text labels, stroke outline customization, and fill transparency.

Transparent H3 cells with custom outlines and labels.

Transparent H3 cells with custom outlines and labels.

Flow Layer: H3 Support

You may now use H3 indexes as source/target locations in the Flow Layer.

A Flow Layer using H3 indexes.

A Flow Layer using H3 indexes.

Guide: Geospatial Data Operations

Visit our new guide to learn about geospatial data operations available in Studio. Follow along with the examples to see how common use cases are met completely within a Studio map project.

Extracting data falling within the selected polygon.

Map Month: Last Week for Submissions!

There's only 1 week left to enter our 2022 Map Month Competition! Don't forget to submit your best #30daymapchallenge creations using Foursquare Studio for the chance to win one of three $500 prizes 🏆!

Version 1.50

Released November 16th, 2022

Hex Tiles: Custom Color Scale

Users may now apply a custom color scale in the Hex Tile layer. Create a custom color scale to highlight areas that are above or below a certain value, or select the exact colors to represent your data.

Swapping out neighborhood polygons with the dropdown menu.

Query Parameters: Dynamic Dropdown

Use the new dynamic dropdown feature to select a specific column to use as a source for unique values. This option streamlines populating a dropdown list for a query parameter.

Implementing dynamic dropdown query parameters to a NYC block map.

Time Series: Group By

Temporal data can now be grouped and displayed as multiple lines on the histogram, providing your audience with a categorical comparison alongside an animated visualization.

Comparing median maximum altitude for temporal a dataset.

Comparing median maximum altitude for a temporal dataset.

Data Connectors: Redshift

You can connect the Studio platform to your Amazon Redshift cluster using the Redshift data connector. Read our guide to get started.

Redshift Connector

H3 Presto Bindings

Presto bindings are now available for the H3 Core Library via the new H3-Presto plugin.

Calling an H3 function from SQL via the H3-Presto library.

Calling an H3 function from SQL via the H3-Presto library.

Version 1.49

Released November 1st, 2022

Unfolded Studio is now Foursquare Studio

The move from Unfolded to Foursquare Studio is both a symbolic and practical investment in our product and its users. Continuing into 2023, expect to see more new integrations, powerful analytic features, and other exciting tools. Read last month's blog post and the accompanying FAQ.

Unfolded to Studio Banner

New Documentation Hub

Our documentation has moved to This transition creates a one-stop-shop for customers that use Studio along with other Foursquare offerings. As with Studio, we are eager to hear your feedback in our community Slack channel.

The new Studio documentation hub.

The new Studio documentation hub.

Version 1.48

Released Oct 12, 2022

Dropdown Query Templates

Bookmarked query templates now support dropdown lists. Specify a set of values to appear in the list, allowing for easy query re-execution from Studio's side panel.

Swapping out neighborhood polygons with the dropdown menu.

Shared Datasets: Create Map

Users can now select any number of shared datasets, then click Create Map to initialize a new project with the selected datasets.

Creating a map from a selection of shared datasets.

Shared Datasets: Copy to Account

Users may now copy shared datasets to their personal account. This allows users to privately tag and modify datasets without impacting other members of their organization.

Copying several datasets from an organization to an account.

Data SDK: Command Line Authentication

We have enabled easier Data SDK authentication via the command line, removing the need to manually copy tokens from our website.

Authenticating to the Data SDK via the command line.

Data SDK: Non-rotating Refresh Token

The Data SDK now supports non-rotating refresh tokens. This makes it easier to authenticate with the Data SDK from environments with read-only secrets like Databricks.

Version 1.47

Released Sep 26, 2022

Chart Improvements

This update brings a host of improvements across Studio's charts, aligning functionality across the platform.

Grouped bar charts: vertical and horizontal.

Bar Chart

  • Horizontal layout
  • Sorting options for values on the x-axis
  • Sorting options for groups
  • Coloring options: color by groups, x-axis, or apply no coloring

Big Number Chart

  • Use filtered data toggle

Line Chart

  • Format x-axis and y-axis values
  • Support for integer values on the x-axis
  • Sorting options for groups
  • Coloring options: color by groups

Tooltip Chart

  • Format categorical breakdown values (supports only numerical values)
  • Format y-axis values (supports only time series)
  • Color options: y-axis, or apply no coloring

3D Layer Improvements

The 3D layer now allows users to select from a library of models or specify a custom model (which must be provided via URL). Additionally, models in the 3D layer now support full rotation and tilting via fields accepting roll, pitch, and yaw data.

The new 3D layer configuration panel.

The new 3D layer configuration panel.

Raster Use Case Examples

Interested in exploring remote data in Foursquare Studio? Our new use case article breaks down the features of our Raster Layer This article includes examples showing the Raster Layer used in several use case examples, including agriculture and emergency management.

The Raster Layer showing the the Santa Monica Mountains.

Version 1.46

Released Sep 15, 2022

Layer Groups

The long-awaited Layer Group feature has made its way to Studio. Create a new group, then drag and drop your project's layers into labeled folders. Users may also click the visibility toggle the display of all layers in the group.

Creating and populating a new Layer Group.

Chart UI Improvement

Chart options have been organized into intuitive sections that collapse and expand, streamlining chart configuration. The chart panel is now larger, dedicating more screen space to the chart itself.

Left: Old chart configuration panel; Right: New chart configuration panel.

Left: Old chart configuration panel; Right: New chart configuration panel.

Grafana Studio Plugin

The official Foursquare Studio Panel plugin is now available as a direct download on Grafana, providing the power of Studio to build location intelligence on your dashboards. Add it to Grafana Cloud with a single click, or install it via the CLI for local Grafana instances. Read our blog post for more information.

The Studio plugin is now available as a direct download on Grafana.

The Studio plugin is now available as a direct download on Grafana.

Map SDK Updates

Map SDK version 1.2.0 features new APIs for layer groups as well as support for Databricks notebooks. Learn how to set up the Map SDK on your environment.

Using the [SDK Playground]\(<>

Using the SDK Playground to test the Map SDK.

Allow Data Export in Published Maps

As a new pro feature for published projects, allow users to export data on the map. With this option enabled, users are free to extract both data imported to Studio as well as data generated in Studio, including the output of analysis modules such as Cluster-Outlier Analysis or Suitability Analysis.

The "Allow Export Data" option on published maps.

The "Allow Export Data" option on published maps.

Version 1.45

Released Sep 1, 2022

Map SDK v1.0

We have released version 1.0 of the Map SDK, providing far more control over Studio's map, layer, dataset, and filter elements.

Map SDK v1 extends functionality via a new set of APIs along with type safety, stability, and consistency across the Javascript and Python packages. Try it out now on the Map SDK playground or follow the set up guide to get started on your local environment.

Using the Map SDK v1 in the Map SDK playground.

Using the Map SDK v1 in the Map SDK playground.

Bar Chart

Plot and display your datasets with Studio's new bar chart. Our implementation pays special attention to your data's context, inferring its statistical type (e.g. continuous, categorical, or temporal), then applying automatic binning and other preset configurations. While powerful out of the box, the bar chart is equipped with a large set of aggregation, binning, and grouping options.

Plotting earthquake data in a bar chart.

Dashboard: Dataset Selection Improvement

It is now easier to organize your datasets and queries, find and delete stale items, or select datasets in bulk to share or download. Use the new Select All button to select or unselect everything, and use shift-click to select ranges of datasets. From the query and dataset tabs, click on column headings to sort your data in ascending or descending order.

Selecting and sorting both datasets and queries.

Version 1.44

Released Aug 16, 2022

Dashboard: Queries Section

All previously defined queries can now be found in the Data Tab under a new Queries section. In the Queries section, you may sort, share, and delete any query.

Viewing the Queries section in the Data tab.

Custom Color Scale for Aggregated Layers

You may now apply a custom color scale to aggregated layers, such as the Grid, Hexagon, and Cluster layer.

Modifying the color scale of a Cluster layer.

Improved Data Formatting

From the data table, select a formatting style for a column data type. Changes made here will be reflected across the Studio platform.

Updating all float columns in the dataset to display in a percentile format.

Timezone Selection

When using a time filter, use the new timezone dropdown to display your project's temporal data formatted in the appropriate time zone.

Selecting a new timezone in the time filter settings.

Version 1.43

Released Jul 25, 2022

Suitability Analysis: Color Palettes

You may now customize the color palette of the suitability analysis layer during its initial set-up.

Modifying the color palette of a suitability analysis.

Data Catalog: New OpenStreetMap Hex Tile Datasets

Unfolded's Data Catalog now offers Hex Tile datasets from OpenStreetMap, including global railways, US buildings, and US highways. Bring these datasets into your analytics to discover spatial relationships with infrastructure.

Zooming into the OSM: Buildings Hex Tile dataset.

Time Filter: Custom Intervals

You may now apply custom x-axis intervals to temporal data with a time filter.

Changing the time interval on an Earthquake dataset.

Format Values in Data Table

In the Data Table viewer, apply formatting to values in a column to better match a dataset's context.

Applying formatting to decimal values to better represent percentile ranking.

Shapify Improvements

Shapify can now be accessed from the dataset action menu, opening a dedicated sidebar with settings and parameters.

Applying Shapify to a column containing county FIPS codes.