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Foursquare Audience drives in-store visits for pet food brand

March 8, 2024

Challenge Build brand awareness with a video Connected TV campaign for a healthy pet food brand. Drive in-store traffic to…


Disaster response organization uses Foursquare data to inform operational decisions

February 6, 2024

A disaster response organization built a dashboard using Foursquare’s high quality and privacy-compliant data to conduct directional analysis on population…


Pinterest Drives Store Visits and Customers for Home Improvement Retailer Using Foursquare Attribution

November 29, 2023

Challenge In the midst of a brand evolution, a leading Canadian home improvement retailer sought to understand whether a full-funnel…


Reddit Leverages Foursquare to Drive and Prove Footfall For QSR

October 4, 2023

A QSR launched a campaign on Reddit with the aim of driving foot traffic to stores in the morning. They…