Build location-powered apps and services

Build location-powered apps and services

Develop new features and launch engaging campaigns with location-enriched user data.

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Build location-powered apps and services


What makes Foursquare Movement SDK unique?

Insight into the user journey

Foursquare’s Movement SDK is powered by our global database of 120M+ POIs, enabling you to understand where people go and when.

Content personalization

Apps and products leveraging Movement SDK harness location-based consumer behavior insights to create and push content to the right person, at the right place, and right time.

Audience segmentation and activation

Movement SDK captures real-world behavior to put robust data at your fingertips for more precise analytics and strategic decision-making.

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Key use cases

Movement SDK in action

  • Streamline Deliveries & Pickups

    Leverage Movement SDK’s Journeys and real-time location tracking to optimize delivery and curbside pickup. Ensure the fastest routes for deliveries and instant readiness for curbside pickups, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Enable accurate ETA predictions and seamless order handoff, creating a flawless experience for both businesses and consumers.

  • Location-Enriched Metadata

    Add valuable context to your services by enriching user activities with precise location metadata. Whether it’s confirming the authenticity of digital actions or providing additional security layers, Movement SDK delivers the geographical insights you need to make your app smarter and more secure.

  • Real-Time Decision Making

    With Movement SDK, you gain the power to make immediate decisions informed by real-world data. Whether it’s adjusting strategies based on crowd movement, streamlining delivery routes, optimizing operation, or responding to market trends, real-time data ensures your decisions are both quick and data-driven.

  • Tailor App Features Based on Location

    Activate specific app functionalities only when users are within predefined geographic boundaries, creating a targeted and engaging user experience.

    From exclusive access inside entertainment venues to personalized check-in prompts, our Movement SDK utilizes advanced geofencing technology to create engaging, location-specific app experiences.

  • Intelligent Trip Planning

    Enhance trip planning with historical visit data and crowd insights. With Place Visit Detection and Snap-to-Place technology, Movement SDK provides information on visit durations and peak times, enabling users to plan their visits more effectively, avoiding busy periods and optimizing travel schedules.

Product details

Movement SDK unlocked


Snap-to-place technology

Use a combination of GPS, Cell, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Accelerometer, and time-of-day data to go beyond radius and polygon methodology.


Unlimited geofencing

Complement snap-to-place technology with flexible and customizable geofencing capabilities.


Multi-tenant visit attribution

Precisely capture visits to POIs enclosed in larger venues, such as malls and airports.

Deliver context-aware content in real-time

Harness location-based consumer activity and insights for more powerful content personlization and targeting.