Build location intelligence into your app

Build location intelligence into your app

Collect rich location user data to build new features and launch engaging marketing campaigns that deliver results.

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Build location intelligence into your app


What makes Foursquare Movement SDK unique?

Understand user journeys

Access to 120M+ global points of interest (POI), as well as ‘work’ locations.

Personalize content

Use location intelligence to create and push content at precisely the right place and right time.

Segment and activate audiences

Real-world behavior data and analytics at your fingertips.

Our clients

Leading companies using Movement SDK to power their business

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Key use cases and case studies

Movement SDK in action

Proximity-based pings

Remind users of reward offers near them by sending strategically targeted push notifications.

TouchTunes, a provider of interactive digital entertainment and jukeboxes, leverages Movement SDK to deliver precise, proximity-based push notifications to app users when in their network of venues.

Native geofencing

Effectively target real-time marketing campaigns, based on region, zip codes, or DMAs

GasBuddy, the leading travel and navigation app for saving money on gas, leverages Movement SDK for native geofencing applying it to such to notify users of nearby gas stations and surface optimal pricing options.

Offline attribution

Measure foot traffic to venues relevant to advertisers

Flipp, a proximity-based deal and couponing app, uses Movement SDK for measuring footfall to venues relevant to advertisers.

Behavioral shopping patterns

Monitor changes of app users’ lifestyles, affinities, and preferences

Mobile shopping rewards pioneer Shopkick leverages Movement SDK to uncover behavioral shopping patterns, allowing them to identify their users lifestyles, affinities, and preferences.

Improve location check-in workflows

Ensure a seamless check-in experience for app users

Provide a better user experience for app users and ensure they are checking into the right venue location.

Product information

Movement SDK unlocked

Snap-to-place technology

Go beyond radius and polygon by using a combination of GPS, Cell, Wifi, Bluetooth, Accelerometer, and time-of-day data.

Unlimited geofences

Compliment precise snap-to-place technology with flexible geofences.

Mall mode

Precise visits captured in larger venues with enclosed points of interest, such as malls and airports.

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