is a revolutionary open source geospatial application for client side visualization and exploration. is part of the Studio open core technology stack and offers a subset of the features of Studio. was originally developed at Uber but is today a Linux Foundation project that is developed and maintained by the open source community.
Studio provides technical leadership and is the primary contributor to,
so it is natural for the Studio Platform to offer strong integration with

Note that we expect to offer additional integration points in the future.

Import Maps

If you have you already signed up for a Studio account, you can import your existing maps into Studio using the Import Map button in the Studio home page.

You will first need to export your map from as described in the following section.

Exporting a map from

You can import maps that you have already exported from and saved on disk.

To export a map that you are currently working on in, click the Export Map button. export menu export menu

Clicking Export Map opens the Export Map dialog, where you can inspect the generated JSON map configuration.

Make sure to select the ”JSON” format selector and then click the “Export” button. export map dialog export map dialog

The browser will save the map in your downloads folder. You can now move this map to its target location in your filesystem (if desired), and you can now import it into Studio.

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