Meet your customers where they are

Meet your customers where they are

Make the most of your marketing investment with location data that reveals consumer intent to inform targeting throughought the customer journey.

Meet your customers where they are

Marketers achieve a 202% ROI and a 47% lower cost-per-action (CPA) on average by using Foursquare Audience, according to research by Forrester Consulting.


What makes Foursquare Audience unique?

Unmatched quality

Your targeting is only as good as the audience data it’s based on. Our proprietary data assets and graph technology offer the highest quality data on places and movement to ensure a high-performing campaign.


Privacy-first audiences

With a genuine value exchange, we obtain opt-in consent and enable easy opt-out for consumers. We regularly audit all data partners, and are vocal advocates of federal privacy legislation in the US.


Location intelligence expertise

With 15 years of experience, we are the industry leaders in location data with proven expertise across all verticals. Our dedicated client solutions team is ready to help you with custom strategies hand-tailored to your campaign goals.

Key use cases

Audience in action

Customer acquisition

Engage customers throughout the purchase cycle, from top-of-funnel to in-store visits, to those who live nearby and are likely interested in your products or services.

Customer reengagement

Engage lapsed customers who have visited your locations in the past with tailored messaging to encourage a return visit.

Competitive advantage

Reach and attract consumers who have recently visited competitive store locations to gain market share.

Path to purchase analytics

Reach consumers shopping for complementary services or visiting related brands to target customers engaging in related activities before or after visitng your store.

Cross-channel retargeting

Stay top of mind by re-targeting consumers across mobile, CTV, and social or those who have visited your locations.

Lifestyle adaptation

Reconnect with brand loyalists, converting online consumers to in-store visitors, and capturing new customers who are establishing new behavioral patterns and affinities after the pandemic.

Product details

Audience unlocked

Custom audience creation

Use Foursquare’s self-service Audience Designer to create your own highly-customized audiences at your exact specifications, and even adjust lookback, frequency, and urban density. Our team of experts can help create audiences for you.

Ready-to-use audiences

Access our collection of 1200+ ready-to-use audiences for quick-and-easy activation across all major DSPs/DMPs and channels. Ready-to-use audiences are designed by our location experts and reflect the most popular targeting segments.

Smart targeting

When building in our self-serve Audience Designer, Foursquare offers smart suggestions  of audiences and places you should target related to your selected attributes.

Case studies

And the reviews are in . . .

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  • R&R Partners
  • Coegi Brand Logo

Foursquare Audience drives in-store visits for pet food brand

Foursquare Audience helped Rise Interactive increase their client’s visit rate to 40% higher than the campaign average.

“Foursquare has been a crucial partner in developing and maintaining a holistic campaign strategy for our programmatic campaigns. The team at [Foursquare] plays a large role in contributing to audience and measurement strategy prior to a campaign launch, as well as providing recommendations for optimizations throughout. They constantly have the client’s goals and needs in mind.”

Molly Murphy, Associate Manager, Rise Interactive

Foursquare boosts brand sentiment for transportation authority through rich audience targeting on social

Foursquare Audience outperformed competitive social audience targeting solutions, resulting in higher reach, lower cost-per-result, and higher custom conversions for R&R Partners.

“Without Foursquare, we would not have been able to extend our reach to ultimately obtain the lower funnel conversions we were aiming for.”

Rachel Ma, R&R Partners

Foursquare reaches unique target areas for telecom company on Facebook

Foursquare Audience targeted only users eligible for the ISP, increasing on-target reach by 69% for Coegi.

“Foursquare allowed Coegi to deploy a hyper-local niche geostrategy across Facebook and Instagram, by enabling address level targeting for thousands of eligible consumers in rural markets. This ensured paid social only targeted users residing in fiber-enabled homes helping to pre-qualify consumers, improve on-target reach, and increase attributed enrollment across channels.”

Stephanie Dippoliti, Coegi Strategist

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