Unfolded rebrands to Foursquare Studio-a letter from the Unfolded founders

Unfolded foursquare

Since the inception of Unfolded in 2019 and acquisition by Foursquare in 2021, we’ve seen 1000s of GIS users fall in love with the platform and a new, magical way to build, analyze, visualize, and share geospatial data and insights

However, our customers have complex location problems to be solved. And we want to make it as seamless as possible for them to utilize Foursquare’s full suite of location products – including location data, location developer tools, and location software. 

The move from Unfolded to Foursquare Studio is both a symbolic and practical investment in making it easier for our customers to understand our product portfolio and to determine what solutions are best to help achieve their location objectives.

Continuing into 2023, users of Foursquare Studio and the entire Foursquare product portfolio will see more integrations and product investments, making it simple to find a solution for the current problem at hand.

For current users, you will see no change in the product experience, features and functionality. Your username and password will remain the same at studio.foursquare.com and your account and published maps will also continue to operate as usual.

The most notable change will be the unfolded.ai marketing site and docs pages, which have been moved to foursquare.com/products/studio.

For a full list of FAQs, please see below.

Will the login page change?

Yes, starting on Oct. 28, 2022, users will log into The FSQ Studio at studio.foursquare.com. Your existing user credentials and login workflow will be the same.

Will my published maps still work?

Yes. All published maps will automatically redirect to the new studio.foursquare.com domain, beginning Oct. 28, 2022. 

Will Foursquare still offer the free tier?

Yes, your plan will not be affected.

How can I access my Foursquare data in Studio?

You can upload your own CSV or connect to a data warehouse using a Studio data connector.

Where can I find FSQ Studio docs?

Documentation is currently available as it has been on the Unfolded website. Starting Oct. 28, 2022, you will be able to access the Studio documentation at foursquare.com/docs.

Will this change impact the Data API or the Map SDK?

No, this will not impact the Data API and Map SDK. Users can expect the tools to continue to operate as usual and no changes are needed to be made. 

Are Unfolded users now Foursquare Customers?

Until further notice, users of the Community tier will continue to be able to use the product at no cost with the same features and functionality. Paying customers of the Enterprise tier will be considered Foursquare customers, although no new documents or contracts will be needed. If you have any questions, please contact your Foursquare representative.

Will Foursquare continue to invest in Studio?

Yes, absolutely. This rebrand is more symbolic than anything. It’s truly part of the Foursquare product portfolio and the team is pushing out new features every release.

Again, thank you to our community and we’re thrilled to continue to build and innovate with you together.

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