Better POI data in. Better app experiences out.

Better POI data in. Better app experiences out.

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Better POI data in. Better app experiences out.


What makes Foursquare Places API unique?

Data coverage

All Foursquare APIs are built on our best-in-class geospatial database of 120M POIs across 200+ countries, 16B human verified check-ins, and 1B+ photos, tips, and reviews.

Out-of-the-box personalization

The Personalization API leverages user-generated content such as tastes, venue ratings, reviews, check-ins, current location, and more to power increasingly personalized and detailed app experiences.

Flexible licencing and pricing that scales

No restriction on use cases and only pay for what you need with Pay As You Go pricing. Upgrade to Enterprise for discount benefits.

Key features

Choose the Places API that’s right for your use case


Places API

Personalization API (Private Beta)
Search and display POI data to engage and delight customers in real-timeReceive personalized POI search results unique to your user’s tastes, venue visits and more
Access to an expansive database of over 120M+ global POIs and residential addresses updated and verified daily

Rich, real-world data with 1,200+ searchable categories and 60+ POI attributes including geocodes, photos, reviews, tags, and more

Personalized search results based on your user-generated content created via Foursquare’s UGC APIsNo, search results are read-onlyYes, results are personalized and include why a POI has been recommended to a particular user. Requires content to be created via the UGC APIs to generate signal for the personalization algorithm

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Our clients

Leading companies use Foursquare Places APIs to power their business

Key use cases

Places API in action

Find the top Places near you

Enhance user location searches with our Places API. Discover local spots effortlessly and offer users in-depth insights with photos, reviews, tips, and more.

Location matching & check-ins

With the Nearby Places endpoint you can leverage Foursquare’s Snap to Place technology to detect where your user’s device is and what is around them. Use this to power location detection and check-in features.

Address search made simple

Use the Places API’s Address Autocomplete endpoint to power both residential and commercial address search results for pick-up and drop-off destinations or delivery.

Geotagging content & sharing

Help your users spread the word. Offer an app experience that allows users to geotag their posts, photos, and other content.

Product information

API Endpoints Unlocked

Places APIs

Place search

Returns places based on user-submitted keywords. Matches against names, categories, tips, tastes, phone numbers, and sorting options that support nearby searches.

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Place details

Returns all information for the specified Place including hours and category taxonomy with 400+ categories.

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Place photos

Returns photos, offering the flexibility to display galleries or a single best image.

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Place tips

Returns detailed tips for the specified Place generated by our consumer app users.

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Returns a list of top places, addresses, and/or searches partially matching the provided keyword and location inputs.

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Nearby places

Location matching is only available in API format from Foursquare. Matches users to the most appropriate POIs based on their location for check-ins, geo-tagging photos, and more.

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Personalization API

Personalized Search APIs

Returns places based on user-submitted keywords. Matches against names, categories, tips & tastes.

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Discovery APIs

Discover and explore new venues based on where you’ve been or what’s popular in your area.

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User Generated Content APIs

Power rich location searches helping users find the best places through access to photos, reviews, tips, and more.

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Case Studies

How brands use Foursquare Places API


Place discovery through authentic video content

At Foursquare, these types of consumer use cases validate Foursquare’s extensive investment and energy focused on constantly improving the data quality of the Places dataset. Knowing if a Place is open or closed, its neighborhood/city/state/etc., the opening hours, and 90+ more attributes is hard. But doing that at scale for over 200 million Places around the world is a heroic engineering feat. 

Enhancing search for Uber

Global ride-hailing giant Uber uses Places to make it easy for riders to search and share their pick-up destinations. Before users even finish typing a venue name, our database is returning relevant locations for easy search and hail.


Powering POI for Beat

Beat is the fastest-growing ride-hailing app in Latin America—Foursquare Places API powers point of interest results within Beat’s Android and iOS apps. As riders type pickup and dropoff locations into the app, Places API provides real-time responses to identify the right destination and connect with drivers faster.

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