Powerful tools for working with geospatial data

Powerful tools for working with geospatial data

Map making, advanced analytics, permissions and sharing – all in the leading cloud based geospatial workspace.

Advanced features purpose-built for the geospatial power user

  • Layers

  • 3D Visualization

  • Spatial Analysis

  • Charts

  • Administrative Boundaries

  • Publish & Share Maps

  • Data Import

  • Data Operations

  • Animation

  • H3 Analytics

  • Data Catalog

Access a growing set of layer types including Flow, 3D, Vector, Raster Tile, and more. Layer Glossary
Stream and render massive 3D geospatial datasets with 3D view, including a Globe Mode.
Extract valuable information in minutes with Studio’s range of analysis modules including cluster-outlier and suitability analysis. Reference
Add statistics and charts to maps including bar, line, big number, heatmap, and tooltip charts. Chart types
Automatically generate boundaries from dataset columns containing well-known administrative identifiers
(i.e. county, state, zip code) via Studio’s Shapify feature.
Publish maps using Studio’s cloud storage with link access.
Users can update maps and republish to the same url, control visibility settings, and password protect maps.
Import/export a wide range of data formats, including: CSV, GeoJSON, Shapefiles, Vector Tiles and more.
Data import
Apply expression, extract, group-by, spatial join and union operations.
Export videos at a resolution of 1440p, and animate across datasets with custom models, configurable trails and more.
Easily unify diverse spatial datasets, explore big data at interactive speeds, and work with data in tabular view
with full data integrity at all resolutions. Learn more
Access a growing and diverse collection of curated spatial datasets including demographics, infrastructure, elevation,
weather and remote sensing. Learn more

See why users love Studio

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    Powerful analytics, easy to use

    Easily process and unify massive amounts of geospatial data for advanced analysis and fluid visualization.

  • Accuracy

    Make sense of complex patterns over time and space

    Studio is optimized for visualizing data over space and time so you can spot hidden trends in your data.

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    Make location decisions faster

    Going from unification to visualization can require days of prep work and offline analysis. Studio accelerates your workflow so you can spend less time on data prep and more time sharing insights with your team.

Use cases

Solve real-world problems with geospatial analytics

Fleet Visualization

Study the movement of cars, people or airplanes to pinpoint congestion, understand incidents, and improve efficiency.

Origin-destination Analysis

Find patterns in traffic flows, commutes, migrations, and other forms of movement.

Supply Chain Management

Visualize supplier locations, distribution centers, and vehicle routes to improve supply chain management.

Market Analysis

Improve market knowledge and assess potential risks and benefits for real estate investments.

Competitive Insights

Compare visits to your locations versus the competition over time with the clear, visible representation of visit volume.

Site Selection

Identify optimal locations for new outlets through suitability and similarity analysis.

Developer & Integrations

Developer tools to build and integrate with your stack

Explore a suite of popular cloud data connectors

Get started quicker with cloud data connectors like Snowflake, BigQuery, and more. Easily edit, bookmark, and perform SQL queries against databases directly from Foursquare Studio.

Explore connectors

Discover integration solutions for any workflow or business case

Work from your favorite notebook environments or create embedded experiences using plugins with QGIS, Grafana, kepler.gl, and more.

Explore integrations

Foursquare Data API

Build automated, scalable data and map management into any workflow with platform access via REST API and Python library.

Learn more

Foursquare Map SDK

Build custom geospatial applications. Control, embed and customize Studio maps on web pages or Jupyter notebooks.

Learn more

Get started with Foursquare Studio

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