Build better app experiences with industry leading geospatial APIs and SDKs

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Build better app experiences with industry leading geospatial APIs and SDKs

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Retail rewards apps

Guide active deal seekers that want to optimize their budget and discover new products.

The Movement SDK helps to deliver rewards at the right place and right time. Increase and audit data quality for your marketing and competitive analytics offerings too.

Take advantage of our Personalized Places API to help consumers discover new stores, venues and products based on their tastes and user generated content.

Travel tracking & recommendation apps

Help travelers who want guidance from local experts on places to stay and things to do on their vacation.

Create personalized travel recommendations with our User Generated Content (UGC) APIs to generate Lists to tag restaurants for future trips, Tastes to generate recommendations based on users’ interests.

Use our Movement SDK for snap-to-place place identification, integrations for taxi coordination, and more.

Restaurant recommendation apps

Enable people who are looking for a restaurant, whether they want takeout or a planned in-advance dinner.

Jump-start personalization during user app onboarding by integrating our Tastes API with your customer data platform to maintain a detailed user persona profile based on user interests.

Using our Check-ins API, enhance customer trust by verifying their arrival at the correct pickup spot, improving their mobile ordering experience.

Developer tools

Our suite of SDKs & APIs


Leverage our SDKs to not only engage app users by delivering context-aware content in real-time, but also visualize and analyze geospatial data on a planetary scale.

Movement SDK

Embed foreground and background location awareness into your iOS and Android apps, and engage users with contextual content in real-time.

Studio Data SDK

Allow your web applications to access geospatial assets, invoke analytics services and start pipeline tasks for bulk processing of geospatial data.

Studio Map SDK

Designed for building custom geospatial web applications. Control, embed and customize Studio maps on web pages or Jupyter notebooks.


Leverage our APIs to deliver millions of verified POIs within your app or website. Create engaging location and search experiences with access to the latest user-generated content.

Places APIs

Bring location context into your applications with the speed, reliability, and rich detail you need.

Places API

Access global POI data and rich content from 100K+ trusted sources via our API for real-time venue search, discovery, and ranking.

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Personalized Places API

Leverage our global POI database alongside our personalization algorithms to provide a personalized search experience unique to a user’s specific tastes, visit history, review sentiment, and more.

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Discovery APIs

Discover and explore new venues based on where you’ve been or what’s popular in your area.

Related Venues

For a given venue, get a list of similar venues users might also like to help them explore more Points-of-interest within an app.

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Trending Venues API

Use Trending Venues to display a List of venues near the current location with the most people currently checked in.

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User-Generated Content (UGC) APIs

Power rich location searches helping users find the best places through access to photos, reviews, tips, and more.

Check-ins API

Enable users to check in to record visit events, fueling our snap-to-place algorithm and enhancing personalization via the Personalized Places API.

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Lists API

Curate collections of places for your user base or allow users to create their own place collections (i.e. wish lists, favorites).

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Ratings API

Allow users to view venue ratings and give sentiment feedback on venues they have visited before.

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Tastes API

Jump-start personalization with our unique tastes taxonomy to extract POI Tastes (based on user reviews and menus) and unique User Tastes.

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Tips API

Leave tips and browse through the dataset to match a user’s taste preferences in order to surface personalized recommendations.

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User APIs

Manage users and access their profile details, including all of the User Generated Content created via Foursquare.

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User Management API

Service user deletion and access requests in order to comply with applicable privacy regulations.

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Guide & Tutorial

Getting started guides


Set up your FSQ developer console

Put the most trusted, independent location data and technology platform to work for your business.

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Get started with the Places API

New to the Foursquare Places API? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. In just a few simple steps, you’ll be up and running with your first API call in no time!

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Get started with Foursquare Studio

Using Foursquare Studio, you can create powerful geospatial visualizations that you can share with the world.

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Developer tools

API demos

View working web experiences leveraging our most popular API endpoints, including code samples.

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Geospatial data catalog

Explore a growing list of geospatial datasets provided by Foursquare Studio and our partners.

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API explorer

View working code examples and make authenticated API requests with full responses.

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Studio map community

Interact with a wide array of Studio Maps created by Studio engineers and other community members. 

Explore maps

API status

Real-time info on the uptime and status of the Foursquare Developer Console and our API endpoints.

Check current API status

Studio map playground

Explore the Studio Map SDK in an interactive sandbox before implementing any code.

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Foursquare Developer Community

Find solutions, share ideas and discuss all things geospatial through our dedicated community of developers on Discord and Slack.


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