Bar Chart

The bar chart presents categorical data on the X-axis using rectangular bars with heights on Y-axis proportional to the values that they represent. The values on the Y-axis can also be arranged for comparison in a grouped bar chart or a stacked bar chat.

A bar chart displaying Earthquake data.A bar chart displaying Earthquake data.

A bar chart displaying Earthquake data.

Follow these steps to create a Bar Chart:

1. Click the Show Charts button on the top-right of the window.

2. Click Add Chart >> Bar Chart.

A settings panel will appear, allowing you to configure the line chart.

Bar Chart Settings

Note: Only options will display in the configuration panel. If you are missing an option, please ensure your current configuration supports it.

DatasetThe dataset containing the fields for the line chart.

X Axis Settings

X AxisField to use for the X-Axis.
Format X Axis ValuesApply formatting to X Axis values (horizontal bars only).
Max Number of BinsThe maximum number of bins (entries on the X-axis) to display on the bar chart.
Bin OthersEnable to bin the remaining data into another bar.
Sort byChoose from a list of sorting options for the X axis.
Rotate TicksEnable to rotate the text on the X-Axis, providing more space for labels.
Less TicksEnable to reduce the number of ticks on the X-Axis. Useful for number ranges where the user can infer tick values.
More Space for TicksSelect a multiplier to apply to the bar chart's space for X-Ticks, increasing readability for longer labels.

Y Axis Settings

Y AxisField to use the for Y-Axis. Select an aggregation type on the right. Defaults to count.
Sort byChoose from a list of sorting options for the Y axis.

Group Settings

Group ByThe field used as a basis for the bar chart's groups.
Max Number of GroupsThe maximum number of groups to display in a bar chart entry.
Group OthersEnable to group the remaining data into a single group.
Group ModeSelect between stacked (default), where groups sit on top of one another, or grouped, where groups are represented beside one another.
Sort by (Groups)Choose from a list of sorting options for groups.

Color Settings

ColorChoose a color scheme to apply to the charts.
Color byOrder in which to color elements of the bar chart.

More Options

Logarithmic Scale ValuesEnable to change bar scaling from linear to logarithmic.
Use Filtered DataEnable to apply a map's filters to the chart.
Use Horizontal LayoutEnable to use a horizontal layout for the bar chart.
Show ValuesEnable to display value text on the groups of a bar chart entry.

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