Power smarter venue recommendations

Power smarter venue recommendations

Developers can leverage Foursquare’s scalable and content-rich APIs to help their users explore new Places relevant to them.

Power smarter venue recommendations


What makes Foursquare’s Discovery APIs unique?

Data coverage

As the leader in venue-specific data, our APIs pull from 120M POIs across 200+ countries, 16B human verified check-ins, and 1B+ user-generated photos, tips, and reviews.

Instant social proof

Build trust with your users by leveraging Foursquare’s rich content database to recommend related venues and showcase the experiences of real people who have previously visited.

Enhanced UX

Foursquare’s Discovery APIs leverage billions of user interactions to power smarter venue recommendations based on consumer behavior, geographic proximity, and offerings similar to those at the user’s current location.

Our clients

Leading companies use Discovery APIs to power their business

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Key use cases

Discovery APIs in action

Recommend trending locations

Provide users with a list of the most popular nearby places, powering venue recommendations with real-world consumer activity and check-ins.

Encourage exploration of similar places

Empower users to discover new, nearby venues that offer similar experiences and are often visited after their current location.

Product information

Discovery APIs unlocked


Related Venues API

Help users explore places similar to their current location based on geographic proximity, consumer behavior trends, and venues offering similar experiences.


Trending Venues API

Inspire your users to discover new places around them. Use Trending Venues to display a List of venues near the current location with the most people currently checked in (via the FSQ app).

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