Unlock a world of opportunity with Foursquare

Seamlessly integrate the highest quality geospatial data and tools to deliver unmatched location intelligence to your users.

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Unlock a world of opportunity with Foursquare

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Digital media & TV

Foursquare’s solutions help you better understand your audience and win business from advertisers and marketers.

Omnichannel media optimization

Layer location intelligence across digital publishers, social, audio, TV, digital out-of-home, and more.

Inventory monetization

Show advertising clients the effectiveness of your media and why your users are the right ones to reach.

Programmatic advertising

Foursquare soluions are integrated directly into the demand-side platforms of thousands of global advertisers.

Audience targeting

Help your clients find and reach customers based on real-world behavior and location context.

Campaign optimization

Programmatically optimize your client’s campaigns using store visits as a signal of success.

Data marketplaces

Offer the world’s most trusted set of location data solutions directly within your platform.

Geospatial analysis

Provide users with the highest quality geospatial data on the market to power high-performing campaigns and robust analytics.

Seamless integrations

Easily integrate Foursquare’s data into your marketplace, allowing clients to activate and reap immediate benefits.

BI tools & analytics

Help clients unlock insights about their customers, brick and mortar locations, and competitors.

Location intelligence

Enable sophisticated, location-based analysis of real-world behavior to help clients derive actionable insights and engage with their customers.

Flexible integrations

Seamlessly combine datasets to give clients flexibility as they solve a variety of business problems, speeding up time-to-value.

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Why Foursquare

Data privacy is non-negotiable

From appropriate consent measures to ongoing regulatory compliance, we are vocal about the abuse of data and have teams dedicated to ensuring we remain future-proof.

The industry’s largest first party panel

We have the largest first-party panel in the geolocation industry, comprised of users who have consented to be ‘always on’ in exchange for location utility.

Unparalleled accuracy & coverage

Our proprietary visit detection technology and Places database empower over 200K innovators to build cutting-edge app experiences for their users.

Comprehensive solutions

Whether you’re a publisher, CDP, cloud provider or GIS company, we have the location solution for your business. We’re trusted by the best in tech with over 550 partnerships and counting.

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Our advertising partners

Foursquare works with 100% of the top 50 advertisers in the US

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Our products seamless integrate wherever you access and work with data

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Featured partnership

AWS Data Exchange

Foursquare & Amazon: better together

As an advanced tier technology partner, Foursquare has made our enterprise data products available for purchase on the AWS Data Exchange. We also offer audience activation through Amazon’s DSP and deliver extended measurement capabilities to Amazon advertising clients.

Partner - Travel & Hospitality Software

Access Foursquare with AWS


Power the best customer experiences

From competitive benchmarking to demand forecasting to site selection and ML model training, your invaluable first party data will allow you to build more powerful digitial experiences when enriched with Foursquare’s location data.


Leverage the most trusted location technology

Foursquare’s solutions have been rigorously evaluated and validated by AWS, earning us a distinction as an advanced tier technology partner.


Activate audiences with confidence

Enjoy turnkey activation to reach consumers on desktop, mobile, social, CTV, OOH, and more with Foursquare’s targeting and 1,200+ ready-to-use audiences, easily deployed with Amazon advertising.

Case studies

Redfin Logo

Redfin, a one-stop shop providing buyers with location and neighborhood insights in finding their dream home

Real estate platform Redfin sought to power location features such as walk scores and nearby places to give home buyers an idea of what a neighborhood is like. Redfin struggled to maintain engagement due to outdated data and the massive uplift required to update their data.

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Ntropy powers global transaction enrichment for top financial services companies with Places

Ntropy, a leading platform for cleaning, enriching and activating payments data, needed accurate, robust POI data in order to power transaction enrichment and merchant record cleansing. 

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Nextdoor Logo Green

Nextdoor relies on Foursquare Places to enhance a diverse range of business practices

Nextdoor was in need of robust, accurate, global Point of Interest (POI) data to power a range of business use cases including targeted lead generation, business partner validation, and app functionality via the mapping of local businesses.

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Ride share with Places

Beat powers up rideshare trips with Places

Foursquare Places API powers point of interest search results within Beat’s Android & iOS apps. As riders type pickup and dropoff locations into the app, Places API provides real-time responses to identify the right destination and connect with drivers faster.

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Deep Location Expertise with the world’s largest Travel & Hospitality brands

With 100M+ points of interest sourced globally, Foursquare’s Places data solutions provides map-building, search and discovery features for the world’s largest Travel & Hospitality brands — making digital experiences more location-aware and engaging for consumers at significant scale. AWS plays a crucial role in this by powering the workloads that enable Foursquare to provide millions of data points to customers on a daily basis with security, reliability and accessibility at the forefront.


Condé Nast Taps Foursquare Places Data to Enrich End-User Experience

Condé Nast Traveler taps Foursquare to add more accuracy, freshness and context to their venue detail pages in a simple and efficient manner. They relied on Foursquare’s database of more than 105 million places as a source for up-to-date information on addresses, hours, and phone numbers of specific venues to help them enrich the end-user experience – giving readers access to highly localized, in-depth information about travel destinations prior to arrival. Now, anyone using the Condé Nast Traveler app can easily identify if a certain destination has features like outdoor seating, Wi-Fi, live music and more as they plan their trip.

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Hilton Builds a User-Centric Experience Using Foursquare Places

Foursquare’s Places now serves as the primary source of real-time venue information for the Hilton Honors app, which includes ratings, features, photos and hours. Hilton Honors users can now pick the best venues to visit before their trip, and know that they’re all pre-approved by the local Hilton team. Foursquare’s Places made it possible to take all of Hilton’s user ID’s, lists and tips previously created on Foursquare’s consumer site, allowing Hilton to serve up content directly into their Hilton  Honors app leading to longer app dwell times, increased user engagement and ultimately digital brand loyalty.

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Foursquare is the preferred location launch partner for the AWS Data Exchange

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Foursquare to Power Geospatial Data Visualization in Amazon SageMaker

December 5, 2022

Foursquare capability in Amazon SageMaker allows customers to easily visualize planetary-scale geospatial data for machine learning

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Foursquare Expands Partnership with Esri

July 12, 2022

The expanded partnership makes global Places Data available in Esri’s ArcGIS Marketplace.

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Measuring advertising impact on consumer behavior with Foursquare and Nextdoor

May 30, 2022

Measuring advertising impact on consumer behavior with Foursquare and Nextdoor.

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Jacek Dylag

Foursquare receives AWS Travel and Hospitality Competency designation

September 17, 2021

This recognition underscores Foursquare's deep experience in helping travel and hospitality customers transform their businesses.

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