Our culture sets Foursquare apart

As a Foursquare employee, you’ll do great work in an environment where you can be yourself. Our people are what makes Foursquare great. Each and every one of our employees has the ability to make a real impact on the lives of the millions of people who touch Foursquare’s products.

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Our culture sets Foursquare apart

Foursquare leadership principles

Our principles are the guiding doctrine we use daily and represent us at our best. We strive to do right by our customers, employees, shareholders, and communities.

Customers First

Customers first

Our success is measured by our ability to enable our customers to achieve more. We earn their trust and their business – in that order – by listening to their needs and prioritizing work that helps them achieve their ambitions. If what you are doing does not translate to our customers’ success, you are working on the wrong thing.

Owners Over Occupation

Owners over occupation

Owners are proud, take initiative to drive results, and are accountable. We encourage employees to prioritize long-term value creation over short-term results. If something needs to be done, “take out the trash.”

Builders Wanted

Builders wanted

As builders, we are obsessed with our customers’ problems and constantly seek out their pain points. Builders are deeply resourceful and deliver world-class results through ingenuity, invention, and relentless iteration.

Think Bigger

Think bigger

We take immense pride in innovating cutting-edge solutions. We seek bold leaders who see the world through a prism of opportunity, not limitation, and those who can achieve meaningful breakthroughs for our customers.

Experimentation Drives Growth

Experimetation drives growth

We humbly acknowledge that we do not have all the answers, but consistently take calculated risks to power innovation. Progress is valued more than perfection, and we embrace the role of failure as a teacher so we can focus on the problem versus the solution.

Get Going

Get going

Speed is critical to our success. We value calculated risk and accelerated learning. The cost of inaction far exceeds the cost of course correction.

Ruthlessly Prioritize

Ruthlessly prioritize

We are a resource constrained business and need to focus our efforts on the areas of the business with maximum impact to our customers. Leaders take input, debate vigorously but respectfully, make clear decisions, and commit to success, even when they disagree.

Hire Well, Coach Hard

Hire well, coach hard

Great teams achieve great results and push each other hard to perform above and beyond expectation. We seek team-first individuals and invest in high-frequency coaching to continuously develop our people and teams.

Highly Aligned, Loosely Coupled

Highly aligned, loosely coupled

We hire extremely talented people and empower them. We believe in management through context – not control – and achieve alignment through a “write it down” culture. We are focused on the “what” versus the “how” and trust our people to deliver for customers.

In All Things Diverse

In all things diverse

As a company whose technology touches billions of people globally, we not only embrace our differences but seek them out to evolve our limited perspectives. We accept and celebrate people from all walks of life, and see our differences not as a weakness but as a competitive strength.

Find your people – Foursquare employee resource groups

As a Foursquare employee, you’ll have the opportunity to join one of our many ERGs focused on ensuring that you feel represented and empowered to create connections. Our culture embraces differences and encourages us to learn from them so we can evolve our limited perspectives. We accept and celebrate people from all walks of life, and see our differences as a competitive strength. We’ve created ERG’s that reflect this sentiment and drive company growth.


Foursquare’s ERG for women

Femmesquare’s goal is to empower the women of Foursquare, creating a culture where we have a safe space to seek support around personal and professional growth. We plan robust programming through internal and external events that highlight the women of Foursquare. We also partner with the learning and aevelopment team to provide opportunities for learning how to successfully navigate workplace challenges.


Foursquare’s veteran ERG

FourSQuad represents the interests and needs of Foursquare’s military veterans and spouses. This group aims to elevate the prominence and presence of military veterans and spouses throughout the company, and inspire appreciation of military experiences and the unique value veterans and military spouses contribute.


Foursquare’s ERG for people of color

Fourmation is an employee resource group with a mission to create a safe community for people of color at Foursquare, advocate for equitable hiring practices, and cultivate diverse leadership. We also sponsor many events throughout the year that celebrate our differences.


Foursquare’s ERG for the LGBTQ+ community

Foursqueer is the LGBTQ+ community at Foursquare. We welcome new LGBTQ+ talent, create a safe place to foster and support a community among LGBTQ+ employees, and organize timely programming with the goal of educating and inspiring our colleagues.


Foursquare’s ERG for women in tech

Foursquare Technical Women (FTW) is a community of self-identifying women in traditionally “technical” roles such as engineers, analysts, designers, and product managers. We provide a safe space for members to discuss challenges and share experiences. FTW’s mission is to build connections among technical women and support one another to the benefit of gender equity and career development.


Foursquare’s ERG for parents

Squarents’ mission is to create a unified voice, build community, and drive positive change for Foursquare’s parents. We have a positive impact on policies and new benefits that support members throughout the parenting journey, fostering a safe space to share the highs and lows of working parenthood. We welcome anyone who identifies as a parent, whether you are looking to start a family or already have a few kids to look after.