The most accurate omnichannel measurement solution for marketers

Foursquare Attribution helps you understand the impact of your advertising by providing you with a holistic view of the consumer journey so you can optimize your investments in-flight.

88% of executives describe “a complete and consistent view of their customers across channels and platforms as essential to their future success” according to a 2020 Harvard Business Review Survey.

Understand the impact of your advertising across all channels

Foursquare Attribution helps brands understand the whole customer journey. Directly tie ad spend to online and offline conversions and optimize in real-time. 

Understand the impact of your advertising across all channels


What makes Foursquare Attribution unique?


We have the most sophisticated data methodology powered by graph technology. Our movement data is trained by 15B+ human-verified check-ins and evaluates 9B visits per month from 500M unique devices globally to snap people to places with precision, using our multi-sensor stop detection technology.

Holistic campaign performance

Our Omnichannel Dashboard updates daily and allows marketers to optimize and maximize investments in flight.


With a genuine value exchange, we obtain opt-in consent and enable easy opt-out. We regularly audit all data partners, and are vocal advocates of federal privacy legislation in the US.


With 14+ years of experience, we are the industry leaders in location data with proven expertise across all verticals. Our dedicated client solutions team is ready to help you get the most out of your marketing campaigns.

Key use cases

Attribution in action


Omnichannel measurement

Directly tie ad spend to offline and online conversions across every channel. We can measure campaign performance across Digital, TV, CTV, OOH, Social, and Audio.


Understand the customer journey

Get a holistic view of your consumers’ path to purchase with features like Closed Loop Attribution and create media strategies that work.


Multi-touch Attribution

Count the individual impact of each impression—or interaction—along someone’s path-to-purchase to gather learnings that can be applied to optimize campaigns.


Optimize your investments

Access all of your media reports in one unified UI and avoid wasting ad impressions by making in-flight optimizations.

Product information

Attribution unlocked

How it works

We show incremental lift by only highlighting customers who are truly influenced by your ad. Meaning, you do not see customers naturally visiting your store included in the measurement of your lift.


By optimizing advertising spend across channels, clients have increased the impact of ad spend on incremental store visits by more than 500%, according to Forrester’s TEI study.

Partnerships and integrations

The largest media partnerships footprint by far with 550+ partners across top media platforms including Snapchat, Waze, TTD,  Twitter, TikTok, Pandora, Spotify, Roku, Vistar, and Yelp.

Case Studies

How brands use Foursquare Attribution


FSQ Measures Incremental Visits Among New Customers For Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s agency, Barkley, wanted to demonstrate the effectiveness of the pizza chain’s media campaigns in driving incremental visits and reaching new customers. Leveraging Foursquare’s measurement solution, Attribution, the agency was able to provide quantifiable results that demonstrated the positive impact its media efforts had toward achieving Papa Murphys’ goals of attracting new customers and increasing visitation rates.

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Reddit Leverages Foursquare to Drive and Prove Footfall for QSR

Reddit wanted to show the effectiveness of a campaign they helped launch for a quick-serve restaurant (QSR) to promote a new menu item and help drive foot traffic to stores. Using Foursquare Audience segments and Foursquare Attribution to optimize and measure the campaign, Reddit was able to prove the campaign was responsible for driving more people to QSR locations and a higher conversion rate.

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