Location technology you can trust

Location technology you can trust

Learn the ins and outs of Foursquare’s tech stack, from our differentiated data sources to our proprietary innovations. Powered by deep machine learning and artificial intelligence, our technology unlocks in-depth insights into locations and human mobility.  

Location technology you can trust

It all starts with data collection 

First-Party Ground Truth

Foursquare collects location data with opt-in consent from users of our owned and operated apps, plus other apps that leverage our tools

Multi-Sensor Stop Detection

We use multiple signals from mobile devices (GPS, Wi-Fi, bluetooth and more) to monitor speed, distance, direction and dwell time 


Patented machine learning models trained by 16B+ human-verified visits determine where a device goes with unrivaled accuracy and precision

Trusted Partners

The depth of human-verified sources meets a breadth of authoritative programmatic sources such as web-crawls to achieve massive scale 

Combined with our core technology

Sophisticated artificial intelligence & machine learning algorithms aggregate, clean, and validate billions of data points, fueling a first-of-its-kind geospatial knowledge Graph.


Powerful Engines

Produce Primitive Datasets

To Power Foursquare Graph

Our tech powers our solutions:


Point-of-interest dataset with global coverage and rich detail

Places API

A tool to access our best-in-class point-of-interest data


Advanced geospatial visualization and analytics


The most accurate omnichannel measurement solution 


Location-based behavioral targeting


Real-time targeting with custom geofences

Movement SDK

A toolkit to build location-powered apps and services

And we’re building for the future


Preserving Privacy

Sophisticated privacy-forward techniques ensure that data is being collected and used in a manner that is ethical, transparent, and with consumer consent.


Fueling AI With Data 

Quality ground-truth data serves as a cornerstone for AI excellence, offering a robust base layer of real-world signals for AI to extrapolate reliable insights. 


Enabling Developers 

A robust suite of APIs & SDKs give developers seamless access to quality location intelligence to build timely, context-driven user experiences.


Democratizing Data With ML 

Formerly complex queries can now be generated in seconds, without technical expertise required by the end-user.


Visualizing Geospatial Data

The industry’s most intuitive way to explore data over space and time empowers users to quickly create and share vibrant, interactive maps.


Advancing Geospatial Analytics

Innovations like Kepler.gl and Hex Tiles let users quickly unify massive amounts of geospatial data for analysis and exploration.

Harness the power of Foursquare’s cutting-edge technology today.

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