We build meaningful bridges between digital spaces and physical places

A pioneer of the geolocation space, Foursquare’s proprietary technology unlocks the most accurate, trusted location data, empowering developers, marketers and data scientists to improve customer experiences and drive better business outcomes.

FSQ Tech digital physical

Our tech stack harnesses the power of places and movement to unlock the most precise, robust and trusted location technology, data and developer tools.

Location obsessed

Unrivaled accuracy

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms aggregate, clean, and validate billions of data points from multiple sources, using first party ground truth from real humans to verify freshness and provide rich context.

Stunning visualizations

The industry’s most intuitive way to explore data over space and time. Hex Tiles, a next-generation tiling system, enables users to easily unify and analyze large scale datasets to quickly create and share vibrant, interactive maps.

Precision at scale

Proprietary stop-detection technology collects data from multiple sensors in a device to monitor speed, distance, direction and dwell time. Our tech snaps people to places with precision and using first party ground truth from real humans to train our models.

Trusted tools

APIs, SDKs, dashboards and interfaces power software applications and business decisions with the highest quality location intelligence – includes hundreds of partner integrations offering seamless access.

Unlock the power of location for your business.