Building the #1 location technology platform

Foursquare is a pioneer in the location space.

With uncompromising accuracy, accessibility, scale, and respect for consumer data privacy, our location technology platform provides data solutions and tools for real business problems.

Whether flat file data, APIs or a full service location product, Foursquare technology is the location platform Developers, Data scientists and Marketers trust.


Explore our data sets

Our proprietary stop-detection and snap-to-place technology coupled with our ground-truth data enables Foursquare to offer the highest quality location data available today.

Unlock revenue opportunities, marketing programs and product strategies for a range of business needs. Enriching in-house data, power POI data in apps, increase app usage and conduct competitive analysis.


Foursquare Places data unlocks locations with precision and in rich detail. Know where you’ll build your next retail location. Analyze economic and foot-traffic trends, or build powerful POI applications.

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Foursquare Visits makes sense of where people are moving to inform better business decisions through analytics, forecasting, and modeling.

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The right tools for you

Use location intelligence to create timely, context-driven app experiences that drive engagement and revenue. Get familiar with our products and explore their features.

Pilgrim SDK

Drive customer engagement (and revenue) by personalizing in-app content at precisely the right time with developer and integration friendly tools.

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Places API

Get real-time data access to increase customer satisfaction, build a better app experience and help users discover venues nearby.

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A geospatial analytics platform for data unification, enrichment, and visualization. Foursquare Studio lets you bring together large-scale datasets of all formats and sizes for analysis and make stunning visualizations to share with your stakeholders.

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Transform your advertising

Do you know if your advertising is making a difference on foot traffic to your locations? Take your marketing investment further by using location data to better understand your customers and target them on their journey towards your brand.


Understand the true impact of your advertising on net new customer behavior with the ability to measure your entire media plan cross-platform with FSQ/Attribution.

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Reach effective, highly-customizable audiences based on real-world behaviors with easy-to-activate targeting across every channel.

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Reach consumers in real-time using geo-contextual targeting to influence their real-world behavior – without any persistent identifier. Build accurate, custom geofences to programmatically connect with consumers in key moments of receptivity.

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