Use geospatial data to inform where to expand or contract your business

Point of interest (POI) data can be used to inform retail location strategy, commercial real estate analysis, or examine sectors of the economy; by providing precise insights into what locations are seeing more consumer demand around the world.

Gain competitive market share 

Geospatial data helps you understand exactly how your locations are performing against the competition. Build a competitive edge by opening up locations in precise areas to capture foot traffic and grow share of wallet.

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Get precise consumer movement trends to inform real estate strategy

See detailed foot traffic trends for target audiences to decide where to locate new offices or supply chain warehouses and to inform other real estate investments.

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Access millions of data points to make smart decisions, quickly

Use Foursquare Studio to build customized maps and dashboards, personalized to your business and customers, and easily share data points and insights with decision makers.

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Using location data to build site selection strategies


Learn how Yum! Brands used location data to score and rank their site choices

Yum! Brands used Places to create a scoring model and quickly get insight into trade areas to determine whether they were saturated with the competition or ideally suited for a Yum! Brands chain. The added attributes data helped give market planners a better understanding of nearby competitors and categories, and greatly reduced the time it took to discover, validate and invest in new locations.
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Choose the right site

See how location data and technology can help you pick the right locations to drive real business results.