Fuel academic research with up-to-date, high-quality geospatial data

Foursquare works wth academics, developers, policy makers, data scientists, and nonprofits to make the real world a better, smarter, safer, and more inclusive place through the power of location technology. Learn how researchers harness the power of location to make a difference and drive innovation.

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Fuel academic research with up-to-date, high-quality geospatial data

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Predicting London foot traffic with the University of Cambridge

Researchers from University of Cambridge conducted a large-scale study of consumer behavior, examining Foursquare’s data showing activity patterns at public venues in London over three years. From the analysis, the researchers developed a framework for popularity dynamics in urban neighborhoods to predict the success of newly established venues.

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Predicting London foot traffic

Analyzing shopping patterns with Flipp and The University of Toronto

The University of Toronto, Flipp and Foursquare partnered to better understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on shopping patterns amongst different segments of the population, empowering governments, city planning organizations, and retailers alike to better understand, predict and address consumer needs.

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Analyzing shopping patterns

Developing urban planning tools with Tampere University and Hafen City University

Researchers from Tampere University of Technology in Finland and Hafen City University Hamburg in Germany built an interactive web interface for urban planners and developers to make data-driven decisions about where to invest in upgrading infrastructure.

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Developing urban planning tools

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HafenCity Universität
Tampere University
University of Toronto
University of Cambridge
Universitat Luxemburg

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