Analyze and optimize your supply chain with location-based insights

Developing a supply chain strategy requires an accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date database of places and how people interact with them. See why global brands rely on Foursquare to understand a dynamically changing supply chain in real time.

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Identify strategic locations and optimize planning

Analyze your locations in relation to your suppliers and determine the best routes and methods of moving your products through the supply chain.

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Enrich places with consumer behavior context to predict and meet demand

Use Movement SDK to support your supply chain analysis for a deeper understanding of where products are needed and when.

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Create informative visualizations to communicate your strategy

Leverage cutting-edge geospatial visualization tools to map out your supply chain strategy and develop visual assets to help communicate with stakeholders.

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See how industry leaders are leveraging location intelligence from Foursquare to understand and optimize their supply chain

TedX Case Study

Learn how Resilienci.AI uses location intelligence to monitor the supply chain

Resilience.AI powers their platform with Foursquare Places, Visits, and Studio to help businesses understand supply chain disruption indicators and what it means for their strategy.

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Optimize the supply chain with global Places data

See how attribute-rich POI data and geospatial visualization are transforming supply chain analysis to provide real time insights.