In Conversation: at REImagine TEDxWater Street

TedX Case Study

The global COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis have prompted people to rethink and reimagine the future of our planet. At REImagine TEDxWater Street, thought leaders from leading enterprises, such as Microsoft, and nonprofits, such as Bitcoin Foundation, came together in New York City to discuss how to address different adversities the industry faces through a new perspective, accepting and embracing change. A Foursquare’s partner, shared more about how their data and software helps society navigate life throughout the pandemic and supports everyone’s ability to make their movement decisions based on various risk factors.

As a company, aims to reduce the occurrence and impact of infectious disease, starting from COVID-19, and integrates forward-looking supply chain indicators into every corporation’s supply chain system. By combining proprietary algorithms, AI, machine learning, and human behavior dynamics, powers a revolutionary human movement risk assessment and supply chain resiliency platform to help individuals, organizations, policymakers, and app developers navigate an uncertain world, even where lockdowns have become a thing of the past.

So, where does Foursquare come into the picture? As the leading location intelligence platform, Foursquare creates proprietary technology that understands the places people go in real-time, offering a trustworthy, privacy-safe source of human activity data. Harnessing the power of this location data, is utilizing Foursquare PlacesVisits, and Foursquare Studio to enable users and businesses to understand and manage hyperlocal health risk, hybrid work models, and supply chain disruption indicators via their B2C and B2B platform.

Eric Klasson, Founder/CEO of, spoke about Foursquare’s expertise in location technology and shared more about the experience of working with Foursquare at REImagine TEDxWater Street:

“We needed to know in a building, how people are moving through it. Nobody answered… we didn’t think it was possible. Then our friends at Foursquare raised their hands and said we can tell you how many people are going through any building in the world. With that, our data scientists in Switzerland said, ‘we think we’ve got this.’ And what happened is, these very technical people disappeared for two weeks and when they came back, said ‘we’ve gone from 3,000 reporting districts to 130M risk indexes, updated daily for the US. Now we’ve had a major technical breakthrough.”

With Foursquare’s POI database and foot traffic data feeding into’s risk index and supply chain models (e.g. the Location Risk and Resilience Indexes) and Unfolded’s ability to visualize insights, Foursquare empowered to use location technology for solutions addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. This use case demonstrates how location data is powerful in navigating through challenges and issues that the pandemic and economic crisis brought upon us.

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