Foursquare Places helps Yahoo! JAPAN keep consumers informed during COVID-19


With social distancing top of mind, Yahoo! JAPAN needed a deeper understanding of consumer visitation patterns at locations across the country. By partnering with Foursquare Places they were able to improve their understanding of congestion trends at hundreds of thousands of POIs throughout the day, leveraging a custom dataset to build location-specific hour graphs to show consumers the safest times to visit any given POI.


Yahoo! JAPAN leveraged Foursquare’s Places Database to enhance their understanding of POI traffic, maximizing the useable data they could report on for locations across the country.

Yahoo! JAPAN and Foursquare partnered to develop a custom “Time Model” dataset to provide a deeper understanding of hourly visitation trends at each POI, allowing users to easily find the least-congested time period to visit a location.


Enhanced Safety Information: With a greater understanding of POI traffic powering a custom “Time Model” dataset, Yahoo! JAPAN was able to increase their number of location-specific “hour graphs” by +35% (as of Aug, 2021), helping users avoid congested locations during COVID-19 outbreaks