Nextdoor relies on Foursquare Places to enhance a diverse range of business practices

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Nextdoor was in need of robust, accurate, global Point of Interest (POI) data to power a range of business use cases including targeted lead generation, business partner validation, and app functionality via the mapping of local businesses.


Foursquare Places data, purchased through AWS Data Exchange, provided Nextdoor with the flexible location data they needed to identify local businesses and their associated attributes in order to power business intelligence and app functionality.


By leveraging Foursquare Places, Nextdoor was able to enhance their app functionality and business processes to:

Fuel in-app local business discovery by powering search results and recommendations

Simplify the verification & onboarding of new businesses through access to address, email, and contact data

Improve direct and email marketing by expanding targeted reach and allowing for curated messaging

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