Redfin, a one-stop shop providing buyers with location and neighborhood insights in finding their dream home


Real estate platform Redfin sought to power location features such as walk scores and nearby places to give home buyers an idea of what a neighborhood is like. Redfin struggled to maintain engagement due to outdated data and the massive uplift required to update their data.



Needing a scalable infrastructure with accurate and comprehensive data to fix their data freshness issues, Redfin uses Foursquare to power its user-facing location features, giving homebuyers an authentic look into the neighborhood around their homes.

Redfin partnered with FSQ to surface nearby amenities on their Home Details page in order to drive user engagement, improve SEO through city guides, and power their walk scores.


Redfin was able to automate and refresh their data infrastructure to continuously surface FSQ data at scale. This data powers user experiences and neighborhood insights with roughly 24% of users interacting with FSQ data while visiting the neighborhood section of a home details page.

FSQ data powers Redfin’s Walk, Bike and Transit Scores, opening up new business opportunities for Redfin to license out these scores to other providers.

With FSQ data Redfin built engaging content and experiences leading to SEO improvements that saw them overtake their target competitor.

“Our users, and even those visiting other real estate sites, love getting a high-level glance of a home’s accessibility via Walk Score, Bike Score, and Transit Score. Foursquare Places data enables us to calculate these scores and keep them fresh for users on a regular basis, ensuring they reflect an up-to-date set of places around a home.”
– Rachit Agarwal, Product Manager, Redfin

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