Media Agency Measures Foot Traffic To A Leading Retailer With FSQ Attribution

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A global media agency needed a holistic solution to measure omnichannel media for a leading retailer. With e-commerce comprising a small percentage of total sales, foot traffic was a critical KPI to measure and optimize against. 


The agency developed a measurement framework leveraging FSQ Attribution, outlining which metrics can be measured and optimized in-flight and how they ladder up to driving foot traffic. Once campaigns are complete, Attribution results are also used to guide future media planning – for example, TV measurement results are used to inform upfronts. 

Tapping into Foursquare’s deep location expertise, the agency developed a retailer-specific benchmark for the brand to contextualize performance over time, and to project annual foot traffic goals based on media spend levels by channel. These metrics are incorporated into a monthly performance report shared with the brand’s C-Suite, as well as owners and operators at retail conventions.

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