FSQ’s Closed Loop Attribution helped understand lift across online and offline conversions for a leading brand


A leading brand wanted to understand the impact of their advertising across online and offline conversions, particularly evaluating partners that were truly contributing to driving incremental online orders across both website and in-app.

The main challenge was that they had visibility on online orders driven by their media already but they really wanted to understand if partners were driving new customer orders and incremental orders.

“We’re all about making business more human and in order to do that, it helps to have a clear understanding of what’s resonating with people and what’s not. Foursquare’s Closed Loop Attribution not only helped us understand incrementality for online conversions but also which partners were driving a lift in online orders, helping us to optimize towards the channels driving online results in addition to those driving foot-traffic.”


Foursquare’s Closed Loop Attribution was able to close the loop by providing a holistic view of the brand’s media campaign performance across all partners and channels. It allowed them to understand which partners were truly making an impact and driving incremental online orders.

Products Used:

Foursquare Attribution.

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