Foursquare awarded #1 in location-based marketing by CB Insights

CB Insights, a trusted source of technology market intelligence, recognized Foursquare as the top leader in an analysis of the Location-Based Marketing industry. 

For this award, CB Insights defines the Location-Based Marketing sector as one that leverages location data to help businesses understand consumer behavior and optimize their marketing campaigns. Read CB Insights’ full analysis of the Location-Based Marketing landscape here

Why was Foursquare named the #1 Location-Based Marketing solution?

Here are the key differentiators CB Insights points to for Foursquare’s leading position in the market:

  • Foursquare’s stature as a true independent measurement provider and its commitment to privacy-forward practices give the company an edge in the market. This aspect, combined with proprietary technology and methodology, appeals to businesses seeking a trustworthy and neutral partner for location-based marketing.
  • Foursquare differentiates itself by having preferred partnerships and integrations with major platforms such as Amazon and Snap.
  • Foursquare’s competitive advantage lies in its superior technical support and flexibility for customization, allowing businesses to tailor their location-based marketing strategies to their specific needs. This aspect sets Foursquare apart from competitors. 

In the in-depth analysis of the Location-Based Marketing landscape, Foursquare achieved a Scorecard of 9.6/10, 2.5 points higher than InMarket.

Execution and Market Strength

Combining thousands of unique data points to assess a company’s positioning relative to its peers, CB Insights delivers an objective, visual representation of the market in an Execution, Strength, and Positioning (ESP) Matrix. The below ESP Ranking displays how Foursquare is positioned in the Location-Based Marketing landscape.

Foursquare stood out from industry peers and emerged as the top leader in the Location-Based Marketing sector, exceeding 12 private technology vendors.

Trusted sources anticipate the growing importance of location-based marketing

Analysts at CB Insights are experts at predicting trends, forecasting changing market dynamics, and identifying future challenges. With an in-depth understanding of the digital marketing landscape, CB Insights foresees that, “as the digitization of traditional marketing channels accelerates, location-based marketing will become even more important for creating personalized experiences and reaching the right people at the right moment.”

CB Insights’ objective is to empower every organization to make smarter decisions about technology, informing strategic, data-driven strategies. In an effort to help modern marketers make well-informed choices about their tech stacks, CB Insights set out to analyze location-based marketing companies that offer “market intelligence, competitive benchmarking, ROI optimization, offline attribution, and in-market audience targeting.”

The industry rankings in CB Insights’ analysis of location-based marketing highlights the importance of a privacy-first approach, integrations with key partners like Amazon, and flexibility for customization, which is why Foursquare was awarded the top seat. It is an honor to be named the #1 leader in Location-Based Marketing by CB Insights. In location-based marketing, the ability to accurately measure the impact of advertising on real world business outcomes is essential – Foursquare is proud to lead the pack. 

To learn more about this CB Insights analysis and the methodology, read the full report here.

Reviewed By: Ariel Eck

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