Forrester determines 500%+ ROI in Foursquare Attribution

  • Foursquare
  • June 7, 2022

New Research on The Total Economic Impact of Foursquare Attribution

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Understanding complex customer journeys and providing ROI are some of the biggest challenges that marketers face today. Beyond measuring the effectiveness of their media strategies, marketers today also need to justify their investment in measurement itself. A successful measurement program doesn’t simply show how advertising performed after the fact – it enables marketers to make smarter decisions along the way, driving revenue and reducing costs.

In a new study, Forrester Consulting conducted a Total Economic Impact™ study and determined that enterprises may realize an ROI of 500%+ by deploying Foursquare Attribution. Key benefits include an increase in revenue from incremental store visits, cost per store visit optimization, the ability to test and evaluate emerging media channels, and more.

“We believe Forrester’s findings verify that businesses utilizing Foursquare’s platform for omnichannel marketing attribution are seeing real, quantifiable ROI and impact on their bottom line,” says Foursquare SVP of Product Oren Teich. “Our approach makes it possible for all advertisers to experience these kinds of outcomes.”

Indeed, Forrester uncovered the power of Foursquare Attribution in driving data-driven decisions: “The holistic view across the advertising partners’ performances and granular metrics provided by Foursquare Attribution were key to forming insights… with Foursquare Attribution data, the agency made more informed decisions on where to focus advertising efforts…”

An Analyst focused on advanced analytics at the interviewed media agency stated, “Seeing the granularity and how effective the campaigns are over time and how effective they are with different flightings makes a difference in how we can spend our budget smartly.”

Download the study today to uncover the complete list of benefits and cost savings you can realize with Foursquare Attribution.

A Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study Commissioned By Foursquare June 2022.