Release Notes

November 2022

  • No new releases

October 2022

  • Address Directory: A new API capability enabling developers to build fuller search experiences within their web and app map solutions. The Get Address Details endpoint will display a directory object of all POI at an address when that address is requested through query textbox. The feature will allow for more powerful user experiences and feature a familiar interface users will find easy to use.
  • Place Match API: A new API match service enabling customers to enrich their in-house POI dataset in real time. Place Match will match a user-provided name and location (address or lat/long) to a FSQ POI. View the Place Match endpoint in the API Explorer.

September 2022

  • No new releases

August 20022

  • No new releases

July 2022

  • Autocomplete + Address / More Accurate & Precise Geocodes - A subset of our global addresses, provided by Loqate, had incorrect Latitudes & Longitudes. We’ve now corrected this to improve our accuracy AND precision (now includes a 5th decimal point, up from 4 decimal places).
  • Places API / Flat File Data Quality - API follows and matches the Quality recommendation of Flat File to deliver the same cut of FSQ Places.
  • Places API / Including More Children Venues - Within the related_places data field, API now returns all known Children Venues in the FSQ realm. This data field was previously limited to return 3 children max, but the limit has now been removed.

June 2022

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