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Access our developer documentation and sample code to quickly get going. Learn how to build scalable mobile or web experiences for your users with Foursquare's global location data.


Leverage Foursquare's APIs to deliver millions of continually updated and verified points of interest within your app or website and create engaging location and search experiences with access to the latest user-generated tips, tastes, photos & more.

Places API

The Places API lets you bring location context into your applications with the speed and reliability you need. Power location searches with rich details to help users find the best places near them through access to photos, reviews, tips, and more.

Places API

Search & Data

Returns places based on user-submitted keywords. Matches against names, categories, tips & tastes.

Place Tagging API

Geotagging & Check-in

Detect where your user's device is and what is around them to provide POI tagging that supports a check-in use case.

Autocomplete API


Returns a list of top addresses, places, geos, and/or searches partially matching the provided keyword and location inputs.

Address Data API

Address Data

Retrieve details for any address including non-Places. Works only in conjunction with the Autocomplete endpoint.

Studio Data API

Provides API access to the Unfolded platform, allowing your applications to authenticate with the Unfolded platform, access your geospatial assets (such as maps and datasets), access the Unfolded Data Catalog, invoke Unfolded analytics services such as enrichment from your own applications, and start pipeline tasks for bulk processing of geospatial data.

Geofence API

Data API

Allow your applications to access your geospatial assets and invoke Unfolded analytics services.

Pilgrim Geofence API

Enable Pilgrim SDK user-configured geofences for specific venues, categories, chains, polygons, and arbitrary lat/lng points.

Geofence API

Geofence API

Enable Pilgrim SDK user-configured geofences for specific venues, categories, chains, polygons, and arbitrary lat/lng points.


Leverage Foursquare's SDKs to not only engage app users by delivering context-aware content in real-time, but also visualize and analyze geospatial data on a planetary scale.

Mobile SDKs

Use the Movement SDK to create timely, context-driven app experiences that drive engagement and revenue. Send personalized, timely notifications or serve dynamic content to users based on where they are or where they like to go.

Places API

Movement SDK for Android

Build powerful location-aware app experiences for your Android apps.

Places API

Movement SDK for iOS

Build powerful location-aware app experiences for your iOS apps.

Places API

Movement SDK for React Native

Build powerful location-aware app experiences for your React Native apps.

Client SDKs

Use the Studio SDKs to build custom web applications and automate data management of data and maps. Embed and control your Unfolded maps with Jupyter Notebooks to perform dynamic exploratory geospatial data analytics.


Studio Map SDK

Control, embed and customize maps on your own webpage or in Jupyter Notebooks.

Data SDK

Studio Data SDK

Supports automated, scalable management of maps and seamless integration with your work flows.

Developer Tools

Want to take Foursquare technology for a test ride before you spend the time and effort to implement the code? Leverage the following SDK and API developer tools to save time and increase your development efficiency.

Developer Console

Developer Console

Navigate the Foursquare Developer Console to understand usage, configure product settings, set up billing, and more.

API Explorer

API Explorer

View working code examples and make authenticated API requests with full responses.

API Demos

API Demos

View working web experiences leveraging our most popular API endpoints, including code samples.

API Demos

API Recipes

View working code examples with full step-by-step instructions.

API Status

API Status

Real-time info on the uptime and status of the Foursquare Developer Console and our API endpoints.

API Status

Studio Map SDK Playground

Explore the Studio Map SDK in an interactive sandbox before implementing any code.