Check Privacy Request Status


Private Beta Feature

This documentation covers a feature currently in Private Beta. Access is exclusive to approved participants. If you're interested in joining the Private Beta program, apply here.

Please note that while the docs are publicly viewable, functionality is limited to Private Beta participants until public launch.

Check the status of either a Managed User Delete request or a Managed User Data Retrieval request.

This endpoint returns the following possible values based on the status of your request:

  • Pending - Your request has been received and is currently pending.
  • Completed - Your request has been completed. If you requested the retrieval of a managed user's data, a link to the file in s3 is included. The file link is valid up to 7 days after its generation.
  • Expired - Your request has been completed, but the corresponding s3 file containing the managed user's data expired post 7-day availability ; for the Managed User Data Retrieval endpoint only.

NOTE: This endpoint requires a Foursquare Service API Key to authenticate. Learn how to create a Service API Key.


Foursquare will respond to requests within 30-days of receipt or otherwise in accordance with law.

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