As of January 31, 2023 Foursquare changed the name of our existing Pilgrim SDK product to Movement SDK. This change comes as Foursquare looks to align our product names closer to their functionality and bring the Pilgrim SDK closer to our other family of products.

If you are already using the Pilgrim SDK, you may continue to do so or elect to upgrade to the Movement SDK documented within this section.

Current Release Version: 4.0.0


Please ensure you've met the following requirements before implementing the Movement SDK.

  • Movement SDK Access Enabled
  • Foursquare Developer Account w/ ClientID + Secret
  • Minimum OS Version: Android v16+ (Jelly Bean)


Follow these steps to properly implement the Movement SDK in your Android App.

  1. Get Started
  2. Add Features
  3. Advanced Functionality
  4. Test & Troubleshoot

Use the Movement SDK Implementation Checklist to track your progress!📋

Release Notes

View past versions of the Movement SDK for Android including important changes.

Full Android Reference

Dig deeper into the Movement SDK's codebase.