On-Prem Map SDK

The Studio On-Prem SDK:

  • Is a library that visualizes and performs analytics on maps in the browsers.
  • Is delivered in library form, enabling customers to build and host their own services.
  • Does not connect to the Studio cloud, allowing customers to build their own cloud integrations.

By licensing the Studio On-Prem SDK, Studio clients can provide customers with one of the most advanced geospatial platforms in the industry.

For further details, visit the following pages:


The following documentation is provided to customers:


The Studio On-Prem SDK is designed to be customizable in terms of styling and light UI changes. Co-branding and co-marketing options are available and agreed upon as part of a license.

Studio may be able to provide some additional customization options on request, considering feature requests on a case-by-case basis.

In some cases, feature improvements can also be done directly by the customer via the open core.

Please get in touch with us if you’re thinking about custom development. Find us in the Studio Community Slack channel or contact us directly via email.


The on-prem SDK is delivered in library form to the customer. The customer then integrates it with their own applications, performs tests and then deploys their product when ready.

General notes regarding delivery:

  • Development updates are typically provided every 2-4 weeks.
  • Minor changes (such as adding, renaming or replacing a layer control) can happen in minor releases.
  • Other features are released as part of Studio's standard release cadence.

Open Core

The Studio On-Prem SDK is built on top of an extensive kepler.gl open core, which often simplifies engineering collaborations.

In addition, the platform is regularly updated to include the latest versions of Foursquare's open core technologies, including kepler.gl, deck.gl etc.

For more information about what features the Studio on-prem SDK adds on top of the kepler.gl open core, see the Studio vs kepler.gl comparison.

Integration Options

Out of the box, the Studio On-Prem SDK is not connected to any backend services; the customer is responsible for storing and loading data and maps, connecting them to the SDK via the provided APIs.

The Studio map format is well documented, allowing customers to store such maps on their own backend. Maps can be created programmatically from other formats if the customer so chooses.

Users may also integrate to error reporting back ends with a set of hooks for analytics and error reporting.

On-Prem Backend Services

Foursquare is developing a suite of on-prem geospatial backend services that may be made available for separate licensing.

The Studio On-Prem SDK may provide configuration options that allow clients to integrate with these backend services in case a customer would like to deploy those services as part of their own product or tooling.

Please ask us if you’re interested in potentially licensing a Studio On-Prem Backend Service and use it with the On-Prem SDK.

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