3rd Party Integrations


As of January 31, 2023 Foursquare changed the name of our existing Pilgrim SDK product to Movement SDK. This change comes as Foursquare looks to align our product names closer to their functionality and bring the Pilgrim SDK closer to our other family of products.

If you are already using the Pilgrim SDK, you may continue to do so or elect to upgrade to the Movement SDK documented within this section.

The true power of Foursquare begins to showcase itself once you start integrating its event detection with other services. The Movement SDK supports a number of third-party integration options in addition to delivering data to Cloud Data providers.

Many teams use a Mobile Marketing Automation (MMA) or a Customer Data Platform (CDP) solution to manage events, create content based on those events and/ or associate those events with their users. Similar to webhooks, we will send a notification to any partners you have configured when an arrival or departure event occurs.

You can directly integrate the Movement SDK events into the platform your company is using. You can also receive a daily delivery of SDK events to an S3 bucket you setup. If your preferred CDP, MMA or Cloud Data provider is not on the list, let us know and we can look into supporting an integration with them.

Supported MMA, CDP and Cloud Data Integrations: