Feature Matrix

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Available Features

The following sections cover features that are available in with the On-Prem SDK.

Data Import

FeatureSupport DetailsComments
Static FilesCSV, JSON, GeoJSON, Mapbox, Vector Tiles
Raster TilesDevelopment ongoing, not fully supported.
Vector TilesDevelopment ongoing, not fully supported.
Load Data From URLSupported

Data Export

FeatureSupport DetailsComments
Map ExportJSON
Data ExportCSV, GeoJSON
Image ExportPNG


FeatureSupport DetailsComments
Base LayersPoint, Arc, Line, Hexagon, Polygon, H3, etc.See below for unsupported layers.
Color ScalesQuantile, Quantize, Linear, Ordinal, Jenks, Custom Breaks
Raster LayerSupported
Vector LayerSupported


FeatureSupport DetailsComments
Base FiltersSupported
TimelinesSupportedDoes not support advanced animation via syncing. See below.


FeatureSupport DetailsComments
JoinTable joins
Group BySupported


FeatureSupport DetailsComments


FeatureSupport DetailsComments
Big NumberSupported
Horizontal BarSupported
Tooltip ChartsSupported

Visual Exploration

FeatureSupport DetailsComments
BasemapBasic map styles, user-provided map styles with custom tile source
Draw Polygon and FilterSupported
Split ModeSupported
3D ModeSupported
Globe ModeSupported

Excluded Features

Features that require access to the Studio cloud are not included, and not all new features that are being developed for the Studio Platform and Studio features will be part of the Studio On-Prem SDK.

This section contains a non-exhaustive list of features that will not be part of the On-Prem SDK:

User, Map and Dataset Management

User and map management is currently not supported by the Studio On-Prem SDK.

User AuthenticationUnsupported
Save to CloudUnsupported
Share map with OrgUnsupported
Copy MapUnsupported
Replace Dataset (within Studio)Unsupported
Data CatalogUnsupported

Data Import

Database ConnectorUnsupported
Database Query UIUnsupported

Data Export

Video ExportUnsupportedGIF, WebM

Data Operations

Spatial OperationUnsupportedBuffering, Intersect, and other spatial operations are not currently available.
ShapifyUnsupportedIn Studio, Shapify supports US admin boundaries: State, County, Zipcode, Census Tracts, and Census Block Groups.
Hex Tile ServicesUnsupportedCreating new Hex Tiles and enriching datasets with Hex Tiles are available as a service through the Data SDK.
Analysis ModulesUnsupportedCluster Outlier and Suitability analysis modules are currently available in Studio.


3D LayerUnsupported
Flow LayerUnsupported
Hex Tile LayerUnsupported
Trip Layer (full)UnsupportedThe trip layer offered by the Studio On-Prem SDK is limited to the functionality of the kepler.gl trip layer, while the Studio trip layer supports advanced configuration.


Sync Timeline FilterUnsupported


Spatial JoinUnsupported
Suitability AnalysisUnsupported
Cluster-outlier AnalysisUnsupported



More Information


Customization options are available and can be defined based on customer requirements. These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Custom Styling (basic theme, background color, etc.)
  • Disable Raster Layer
  • Disable Shapify
  • Disable panels (layer panel, column panel, etc.)
  • Inject custom basemap styles

Analytics and Error Reporting

APIs for the Studio On-Prem SDK are under development covering:

  • Analytics and error reporting hooks.
  • Control of user interface customizations.

New Data Formats

Support for new proprietary geospatial data formats being developed by Studio (including associated visualizations and analytics) is not included in the On-Prem SDK.

Spatial Analytics Features

The upcoming suite of vertically focused Studio analytics plugins will not be included in the Studio On-Prem SDK.

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