Release Notes


  • Fixed issue with Core Location bug introduced by iOS 16.4+. See Apple Developer Forum for more details.


  • Due to a bug introduced by iOS 16.4+ and fixed with the Movement SDK 4.0.1 release, please implement 4.0.1 instead of 4.0.0.
  • Renamed all instances of Pilgrim to MovementSdk ; please refer to full reference documentation to see all instances of renaming.
    • Renaming examples:
      • import Pilgrim renamed to import MovementSdk
      • PilgrimManagerclass renamed to MovementSdkManager
  • Renamed class prefix in Objective-C
    • Renaming example:
      • FSQPCategory class renamed to FSQCategory
  • Completed full conversion to Swift framework from Objective-C.
  • Please refer to the Movement SDK Get Started Guide for full implementation steps.

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