How Yum! Brands makes smarter site selection decisions with point of interest (POI) Data

Deciding where to open a new location is difficult. Location data takes away the guesswork.

Understanding the nuances of new markets to support the expansion of Yum! Brands international footprint.

Yum! Brands ingested select point of interest (POI) data into their decision logic, scoring and ranking site choices based on several of Foursquare’s Places data attributes. Accessed via the AWS Data Exchange, Foursquare’s POI data offered visual, prescriptive insight into where certain trade areas were saturated with the competition or were ideally suited for a Yum! Brands chain to maximize return on investment.

Key results
Foursquare cleared a key hurdle for Yum! Brands’ expansion into emerging markets, allowing them to make real estate decisions based on data of nearby locations and building a faster method for site selection strategy. As a result, Yum! Brands has greatly reduced the time it takes to discover, validate, and invest in new locations.

Foursquare Places’ contextual attributes helped qualify the local landscape of interest for Yum! Brands, giving market planners a distinct understanding of nearby competitors and categories.

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