Ntropy powers global transaction enrichment for top financial services companies with Places


Ntropy, a leading platform for cleaning, enriching and activating payments data, needed accurate, robust POI data in order to power transaction enrichment and merchant record cleansing. 


Recognizing the synergy between location and transaction data, Ntropy uses Foursquare Places data via AWS Data Exchange to power its transaction enrichment offerings. With Places, Ntropy is able to instantly query, fetch and associate information about merchants or POIs with transactions.

Ntropy chose Foursquare because it is the largest and most accurate merchant database, with superior POI data freshness, coverage and precision. 

“Foursquare has the best merchant data in the business. There’s outstanding coverage, granularity, accuracy, customer support, and it’s“enlarged, refreshed and updated every month.”
– llia Zintchenko CTO, Ntropy


With Foursquare data, Ntropy is able to associate rich information with every transaction in a seamless manner, whether that is an ATM withdrawal or a store purchase. Ultimately, Ntropy delivers a better user experience for its customers,  helping them explore the intersection of online and offline behaviors.

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