Introducing Sixteen by foursquare

Our In-House Creative Studio Kicks Off with New Location-Aware Advertising Capabilities


At Foursquare, we dedicate our days to innovating around the promise of location. Sometimes that means we focus on the needs of brands, other times we’re addressing developers, or consumers.

Today, we’re proud to announce an endeavor aimed at bringing our expertise in location technology to the country’s largest advertisers. Introducing our newly minted in-house creative agency, Sixteen by Foursquare, dedicated to exploring the intersection of creativity and location technology.

Foursquare has long leveraged our in-house creative capabilities for clients on an as-needed basis. But there’s an increasing appetite in the industry for creative teams that understand the power of location combined with advanced machine learning datasets and the new ways they can be used to galvanize consumers. And so, Sixteen by Foursquare was born.

We’ve been exploring how to make software contextually aware of its specific location for years, and now we’re taking our best-in-class technical expertise and applying it to our advertising stack. We’re launching a new set of tools called “deep media units,” which are self-optimizing, dynamic creative tied to a person’s real-world location signals, both past and present. Deep media is our proprietary, machine-learned evolution of rich media, singularly powered by Foursquare’s industry-leading location technology.

In an age of hyper-relevance and personalized advertising, deep media units are unique in their ability to precisely identify millions of venues around the world. The units dynamically update based on past visit behavior and real-time, venue-specific locations to ensure that every message speaks to every consumer in the moment, no matter who or where they are.

A simple example would be this: marketers from a sandwich chain want to engage with frequent customers and drive incremental visitation based on a current mindset. So ads displaying healthy choices, like salads, appear in a music app while at the gym, and super snackable treats show up for those at a bar during happy hour.


Or consider a retailer. A carousel display of bathing suits and sunglasses will pop up when someone is sitting on the beach, but sensible streetwear appears when consumers open their phones while at subway stations and offices.

Want to engage with your consumers in new, contextually aware ways? Email us at

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