Introducing Rewards by Foursquare

Foursquare relaunches Panel app with new name, better user experience.

Do you like money? We thought you might – that’s why we’re excited to share the news that Foursquare’s Panel App is officially re-launched as Rewards by Foursquare.

Our Rewards app boasts a better-than-ever user experience and a completely redesigned look and feel. Like the previous Panel app, Rewards gives users the ability to make money in four simple steps:

  1. Log in or create an account
  2. Enable location services
  3. Allow Tracking
  4. Earn points – either by actively completing surveys OR simply keeping the app running in the background

Unlike the Panel app, the Rewards app offers users several new features, including:

  • Unlimited surveys mean you can earn more points faster
  • Goal tracking allows you to set a number of points and keep track of how close you are to reaching the total

The app, which also allows users to boost their point collection by referring friends, gives users several choices for how to redeem their points by offering gift cards to popular brands companies (such as isa, Amazon, Target, Sephora, Starbucks, and Gamestop) or entering sweepstakes for prizes like the Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, Amazon Fire TV Stick, or $5,000 cash.

Why Foursquare invests in our consumer apps
Over the years, Foursquare has evolved from our roots as “the check-in app” to become the leading independent location data and technology company. But this transition doesn’t mean that our owned and operated consumer apps – Rewards, Swarm, and City Guide – don’t play an important role in our company’s strategy.

The data that consumers choose to share via our apps are part of a foundation that fuels many of our B2B endeavors. The first-party (1P) data our app users share with us is one of the elements that help us provide our partners and customers with highly accurate, rich-in-detail information that in turn helps guide everything from marketing strategies to market analysis. From a marketing perspective alone, our combined data sets enable us to not only inform companies if their ads are reaching the desired consumers, but also ensure that consumers are seeing ads that are tailored to their personal needs and interests.

Privacy at the center
Foursquare is deeply committed to privacy-first practices, which is why all of our apps clearly communicate to users why we’re asking them to share their data and utilize “plain English” opt-in consent notifications. Users of the Rewards app receive a clear value exchange – by sharing their location data, they earn points and rewards.

Foursquare’s products are designed with privacy at the forefront and we take steps to protect the privacy of users who share their data with us. Our business has been built around compliance, security and honoring data rights.

Want to explore the new Rewards app? Check it out here:
Rewards by Foursquare Android
Rewards by Foursquare iOS

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