FSQ Insights in Beta.<br>Location analytics at your fingertips.

FSQ Insights in Beta.
Location analytics at your fingertips.

Derive rich insights and answer key business questions about consumer behavior and foot traffic trends. Leverage out-of-the-box reports built on high-quality movement data.

FSQ Insights in Beta.
Location analytics at your fingertips.


Discover what makes Foursquare Insights unique

Built on industry leading location data

We are the only solution that can precisely detect a visit to a place using our proprietary snap-to-place technology. Powered by the FSQ Graph, we provide the most accurate and sophisticated location data available, trained by 16B+ human-verified check-ins.

Simple and intuitive UI

The interface offers a user-friendly experience, perfect for business users, marketers, analysts, and more. Enhance time-to-value and take action without relying on data science teams to answer complex questions.


At Foursquare, we prioritize data privacy and security. We maintain a strict privacy standard, obtaining appropriate consent and enabling opt-out. We regularly audit all data partners, and are vocal advocates of federal privacy legislation in the US.

Product capabilities

Ready-to-action reports driving smarter business decisions in less time

  • Indexed Foot Traffic

  • Customer Journey

  • Change in Visits

  • Movement Pivot

  • Coming Soon…

Measure relative changes in foot traffic volume and spot patterns for selected chain(s) nationally or within a particular market over time.
See what type of places your customers are most likely to visit before and after a particular place of interest, on the same day.
Calculate change in visits year-over-year by geography. Predict foot traffic trends and evaluate customer engagement.
Filter and view movement data over time by geography, chains, categories, and more, all within a familiar dynamic table.
Join us as we build a category leading location analytics platform. Sign up for the FSQ Insights Beta Program.

CB Insights names Foursquare #1 leader in location intelligence

Recognized for data quality, advanced visit detection methodologies, cutting edge tools, and a privacy-first stance, we are a team you can count on. And with 15+ years of experience, Foursquare has the platform expertise across all verticals to back it up.

Use cases

Unlock real-world insights with movement data

Marketing strategy

Enhance your media strategy and campaign planning based on consumer movement to improve Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and drive revenue growth.

Competitive benchmarking

Assess the relevant landscape and identify new opportunities for your businesses to gain a competitive edge.

Economic research

Contextualize how major events impact customer visitation patterns to businesses and keep a pulse on economic activity over time.

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