Foursquare podcast: what the Placed acquisition means for marketers’ future

Hear directly from foursquare leadership about what’s to come for the industry’s #1 attribution solution

You’ve heard about the acquisition of Placed by Foursquare and how adding its powerhouse attribution solution—the industry’s best—to Foursquare’s existing platform of location-based offerings will change the martech landscape.

Now hear the real story from the people at the top.

Gayle Fuguitt, former CEO and President of the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF), sat down with Foursquare’s Jeff Glueck and David Shim, founder of Placed and now Foursquare President, to discuss exactly what makes this acquisition a game-changer for clients and the industry as a whole.

From unprecedented first-party scale to breadth of coverage across all channels to volume of partnerships (including many exclusive ones), there are so many differentiators that make Placed powered by Foursquare the #1 option for marketers in search of real-world attribution.

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