Foursquare and Arm Candy bring location solutions to clients

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As the way people move about the world changes, location data is more critical than ever. Foursquare has always aimed to provide the best of the best in location data, making valuable tools and insights accessible to the world’s leading brands and advertisers.

In that vein, we are excited to share that we’re working with Arm Candy, a media intelligence agency based in Dallas. Via Arm Candy’s proprietary tech stack and internal ad operations team, the agency has access to Foursquare’s location-based data and activation tools, allowing for deeper business insights to be formed, unique audience opportunities and seamless campaign executions.

“This integration is another example of how Arm Candy delivers media innovation for clients,” said John Lods, Chief Executive Officer of Arm Candy. “Having access to Foursquare’s data allows our team to think creatively about how to activate it to develop custom tailored solutions for our partners.”

The partnership will help build upon Arm Candy’s unique media planning model by having Foursquare location data readily available to analyze and develop unique audience segments continuing the Arm Candy belief if you can think of the audience, you can target the audience.

With Foursquare location data, Arm Candy is also able to provide competitive insights and help establish benchmarks for campaigns to be measured against in an omni-channel foot traffic data based environment. In doing so, Arm Candy can better optimize client efforts based on foot traffic KPIs and improve both efficiencies and effectiveness.

“With every integration, our sole question is will this improve performance for our clients,” said Lods. “Providing foot-traffic attribution on buys of nearly any size, and across any channel, gives us more flexibility around the best way to leverage these capabilities for our clients.”

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