In Conversation: Discussing Hex Tiles On The Mapscaping Podcast

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The problem of unification: Spatial data comes in many different sizes, shapes, and formats making it a difficult and time-consuming process to join data for visualization, exploration, and analysis.

Geospatial analysis can be challenging and time-consuming – from preparing data of different shapes, forms, sizes, to processing complex datasets at scale. In a new Mapscaping Podcast episode, Foursquare’s Senior Director of Engineering Shan He, discusses an exciting new technology called Hex Tiles that solves these problems, and much more.

Get a behind the scenes look at how the latest innovation in geospatial data science will transform decisions like site selection. You’ll learn:

  • How Hex Tiles process and analyze bigger volumes of geospatial data than was previously possible
  • How Hex Tiles solves for the biggest and most time-consuming challenges in geospatial analysis such as by unifying big geospatial data on massive planetary scale, as well as visualizing and analyzing across different data types, shapes and sizes form
  • The future of geospatial data

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