SXM Media measures 111 millionth incremental visit with Foursquare

The milestone underscores the power of location technology to help brands measure the ROI of their advertising efforts.

SXM Media

In Q3, SXM Media – the media company behind brands like SiriusXM, Pandora, and Stitcher – measured their 111 millionth incremental visit via Pandora since they became a preferred Foursquare partner in 2015. This means that Foursquare’s Attribution tool was able to tally 111 million store visits that can be directly traced back to an ad exposure via Pandora.

SXM Media originally approached Foursquare with a key challenge: show brands that advertising on Pandora leads to real consumer visits to brick and mortar locations. To do this, SXM Media sought a partner that could provide an unbiased, third-party measurement methodology that would accurately capture foot traffic to brands’ brick and mortar stores and determine which of those visitors had been exposed to an ad on their platforms.

The 111 millionth incremental visit milestone is just one of several significant metrics of success Foursquare and SXM achieved this year. Other notable metrics include:

  • Pandora campaigns are 58% more likely to drive behavioral lift in comparison to the industry benchmark.
  • The Pandora/Foursquare approach is 63% more cost efficient than the industry benchmark cost per Behavioral Lift Store Visit.

“SXM Media’s partnership with Foursquare stemmed from our deep trust in the quality and accuracy of their first-party foot traffic data, and their technology has been instrumental in helping us to deliver concrete ROI for our advertisers,” said Keri Degroote of SXM Media.

Measuring ad exposure + foot traffic with location technology
SXM Media currently deploys two of Foursquare’s location tools on Pandora: Attribution tool – which is designed to help brands directly tie ad-spend to real-world visits – and Audience targeting – which helps to identify and reach the right consumers based on where they go in the physical world. By combining these two tools, SXM Media can not only see which users visited an advertiser’s location after viewing an ad, but also help those brands reach and engage more potential new customers.

Why is measuring incremental lift important?
Without precise and reliable measurement, it can be difficult to know how effective your media campaigns are in driving actual foot traffic (with an emphasis on new customers) to your stores, restaurants, or other venues. Foursquare’s tools allow you to see which ads are driving the most foot traffic, determine which medium (TV vs. web vs. print and everything in between) is most effective, target the people most likely to drive lift, and much more.

“Early on, SXM Media understood the value of a data-driven approach to attribution and was an early adopter of location solutions within their suite of advertising tools,” said Leighann Terraforte, Director of Business Development at Foursquare. “In fact, Pandora helped to pioneer the strategic use of location-derived insights within the audio category. Through close collaboration with SXM Media’s measurement team, Foursquare has been able to drive tangible ROI across our mutual Retail, QSR and CPG advertisers.”

More about Foursquare Attribution
Foursquare Attribution is trusted by 1000+ brands and 450+ publishers and platforms and is the industry’s leading multi-touch attribution solution. Powered by the #1 platform for location data with the largest persistent panel of devices, Foursquare Attribution connects campaign exposure to real-world visits, revealing the true incremental impact of your ads, your top drivers, and your opportunities to optimize.

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