How Foursquare Attribution Amplifies Local Advertising Success for Enterprise Businesses on Yelp

In the digital era, national and local businesses alike must consistently explore new ways to connect with their customers. Yelp is at the forefront of connecting people with great local businesses. Effective local advertising on Yelp is crucial for enterprise business growth, and many brands are leveraging Yelp to help them achieve their advertising goals in reaching Yelp’s high-intent audience. Yelp’s partnership with Foursquare Attribution helps to measure and enhance the impact of ad campaigns to help brands flourish in their communities.

Opt-in location data is critical for understanding consumer behavior — it demonstrates the influence of digital advertising on real-world visitation to a business. Brands that advertise on Yelp recognize that measuring foot traffic reveals their true advertising return, and ultimately allows them to manage their advertising spend more effectively to sustain meaningful, long-term connections with local audiences.  

“The collaboration between Foursquare and Yelp isn’t just about measuring campaign impact and overall effectiveness, it’s also about evolving strategies to resonate with local audiences in a meaningful way,” said Jim Watson, SVP of Global Business Development at Foursquare. “Five-plus years into our relationship, I’m eager to see how our innovative work together continues to benefit advertisers and communities.”

Unlocking New Measurement Opportunities

Foursquare’s geospatial technology provides invaluable insights to advertisers by unraveling the mystery of advertising’s true impact on consumer foot traffic. The collaboration with Yelp began in 2017, and at the time, Foursquare already worked with several Yelp advertisers. By offering more of its clients Foursquare Attribution, Yelp aimed to unlock new opportunities for advertisers to measure their in-store success using real-world data.

“One of the trickiest parts of digital advertising is demonstrating the real-world impact of ads,” said Kadecia Ber, Director of Multi-Location Solutions at Yelp. “Foursquare Attribution is an important part of our offering, helping us to measure the impact of connecting brand clients with local communities on a deeper level.”

Yelp has integrated Foursquare’s measurement technology as part of its attribution suite across many of its ad products to support clients across verticals, including Casual Dining, Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR), Retail, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and more. In the first quarter of 2023, Yelp drove behavioral lift 16% more often than the average Foursquare media partner and a median lift nearly 10% higher than the average Foursquare media partner.

Driving Pizza Lovers to Dine In

Yelp and Foursquare’s success story extends across business verticals. For instance, in the Casual Dining vertical, Yelp Ads were significantly more efficient than the Foursquare benchmark, driving a cost per incremental visit about 77% more efficient than the average. Similarly, the Retail vertical witnessed outstanding performance, with Yelp driving a median Behavioral Lift metric of over twice the Foursquare benchmark.

Let’s look at a hypothetical example. A pizzeria chain with locations all over California is looking to increase its foot traffic and spread the word about its newly introduced vegan pizza. They decide to advertise with Yelp, tapping into its 73 million unique visitors on desktop and mobile devices.* Every time a consenting user engages with the ad on Yelp and subsequently visits a location, that visit is accurately captured and attributed thanks to Foursquare’s technology. On top of the measured results, the pizzeria chain can also access insightful data, like the frequency of visits and even the effectiveness of different ad creatives or offers. As a result, the business can optimize its advertising strategy in near real-time to highlight the most appealing offers or to target the right audience segments. 

The synergy between Yelp’s local advertising platform and FoursquareAttribution provides advertisers with a powerful tool – not just to advertise locally but to do so with a data-driven, result-oriented approach.

The journey with Yelp showcases the transformative power of strategic partnerships in elevating advertising efficacy. To learn more about how you can leverage Foursquare Attribution to improve your ad campaigns on Yelp, contact us using the form below.

*ComScore, monthly average for 2022.

Reviewed By: Arianna Vogel

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