Measuring advertising impact on consumer behavior with Foursquare and Nextdoor

Consumers are more and more engaged in their neighborhoods than ever before. They’re tapping into their local communities to influence their purchase decisions, whether it be picking up a quick dinner at a neighborhood favorite restaurant or heading to a local store to stock up on essentials. Whatever the purchase may be, consumers are not going far and increasingly leaning towards local options.

Nextdoor is the neighborhood network that connects neighbors with each other and everything nearby. It is a platform for advertisers to create meaningful connections with a uniquely engaged, influential audience. Foursquare provides a way for advertisers to then measure the effectiveness of their advertising within Nextdoor’s community platform.

For several years, Foursquare and Nextdoor have been working to provide an understanding of consumer behavior across verticals, including QSR, Retail, CPG, Food & Beverage, Telco and more. From ad exposure to actionable insights, Foursquare Attribution enables advertisers to measure Nextdoor users’ resulting path to purchase while driving measurable outcomes. Businesses are taking advantage of Foursquare’s measurement solution on Nextdoor to garner a better understanding of where their consumers are going and the results are showing.

Through Q1 2022, Nextdoor outperformed Foursquare benchmarks across categories in measuring advertising impact on consumers’ real-world visitation.

Across all verticals, Nextdoor advertisers saw a 25% lower median cost-per-visit than the Foursquare benchmark. More specifically, for the following categories:

  • Retail – Nextdoor advertisers saw a 67% lower average cost-per-visit than the Foursquare industry benchmark
  • Retail (Furniture) – Nextdoor drove behavioral lift 31% more frequently than Foursquare’s industry benchmark with a median behavioral lift that was 7.6x as high and a cost-per-incremental-store-visit that was 19% lower
  • Telecommunications – Nextdoor drove a median behavioral lift that was 44% above the Foursquare industry benchmark with a cost per incremental store visit that was 67% lower
  • QSRs – Nextdoor advertisers saw a 46% lower median cost-per-visit than the Foursquare industry benchmark
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (Appliances) – Nextdoor drove behavioral lift over 2x as frequently than Foursquare’s industry benchmark with a median behavioral lift that was 28% higher
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (Food and Beverage) – Nextdoor drove behavioral lift 51% more frequently than Foursquare’s industry benchmark with a cost-per-incremental-store-visit that was 38% lower

“Neighbors around the world turn to Nextdoor daily to build real-world connections with the people and businesses nearby,” said Juliana Jaoudi, Head of Sales at Nextdoor. “Brands are essential for building strong, vibrant neighborhoods. On Nextdoor, brands can connect to a uniquely engaged audience where they live, work, and play.”

Through Foursquare Attribution you can measure the incremental impact of your advertising across all channels. Businesses can learn more about advertising on Nextdoor at

More about Foursquare Attribution

Foursquare Attribution is trusted by 1000+ brands and 550+ publishers and platforms and is the industry’s leading multi-touch attribution solution. Powered by the #1 platform for location data with the largest persistent panel of devices, Foursquare Attribution connects campaign exposure to real-world visits, revealing the true incremental impact of your ads, your top drivers, and your opportunities to optimize.

To learn more about how you can leverage Foursquare’s measurement capabilities to improve your ad campaigns on Nextdoor, contact us using the form below.

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