In Conversation: How To Build an A++ API

More industries today are turning to location technology as a necessary component to their technology stack. The importance of point of interest (POI) data cannot be understated, and is highly relevant particularly for developers. With POI data, developers can enrich the user experience, helping users discover, navigate, and enjoy the world around them.

Foursquare’s Places API offers seamless access to our best-in-class POI data. The API was awarded ‘Best in Enterprise’ at API World 2021, recognizing excellence in technical API and microservices innovation. During the event – the world’s largest API conference and expo – Foursquare’s Director of the Developer and Consumer Experience Kyle Fowler shared a behind-the-scenes look at how we built it.

Watch the session to hear what it takes to create an exceptional API, with a delivery method that can meet enterprise standards and an upgraded developer experience. You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify challenges that engineers face when building an API
  • Plan product features, including setting boundaries in endpoints and developing ergonomics
  • Document endpoints, establish SLAs, and measure performance

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