FSQ Faces / Behind the Tech: Annabel Cermeno, Product Marketing Manager

What’s it like to work in Product Marketing at Foursquare? Learn more about Annabel’s experience.


Meet Annabel Cermeno, a Product Marketing Manager and passionate cook who has never been afraid of taking chances. With a hunger for a truly fulfilling career, Annabel moved to the US from Venezuela, and then from Chicago to Los Angeles. Having found a home in LA and within Foursquare, Annabel has perfected her own unique recipe for life.

To learn more about what Annabel is cooking up–from go-to-market strategies to cassava flour pancakes–check out our Q&A below.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your current role and responsibilities at Foursquare?
I’m lucky to be part of the amazing marketing team at Foursquare. I’m the Product Marketing Manager for Foursquare’s Attribution and Visits (which are both solutions for marketers), and my role is to create go-to-market strategies that will successfully launch new products and/or features.
I’m responsible for all internal and external messaging and positioning, market research, competitive intel, product-related sales collateral, and GTM strategies for those specific products that provide measurement solutions to some of the largest brands that we work with.

What’s the most exciting thing you are working on right now?
I’m currently working on launching a new feature to our core Attribution product that will allow marketers to get a holistic view of their customers’ journey both online and offline. The product will empower brands with insights in real time that will help them understand the full impact of their advertising while allowing them to optimize their investments. Stay tuned for more details and a full release from Foursquare’s Marketing team!

Why is diversity and inclusion important to you? How do you think Foursquare’s culture embodies these values?
I believe that having a diverse team is crucial to any organization’s success. Employees from different backgrounds provide unique perspectives that can make a significant impact at any company. It’s important that organizations give equal opportunities to employees and prospective employees, independently of their backgrounds. Foursquare does a great job of enhancing diversity in the workplace by creating a level playing field. Part of this comes from Foursquare’s support of groups such as Fourmation and Femmesquare, which are Foursquare employee communities designed to celebrate diversity and empower women in the workplace.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
“Don’t ever be afraid of taking chances,” or as my Mom would say,“No pierdes nada con intentarlo.” I’ve lived my entire life by this philosophy, and it has served me well! One of the biggest risks I’ve taken was when I moved from Venezuela (my home country) to the United States when I didn’t speak a word of English. Then, after realizing I wasn’t passionate about the Business degree I earned, I went back to school to get a second degree in Design. And let’s not forget about the time when I left my family and friends in Chicago in 2019 to move to Los Angeles, where I didn’t know a soul, to pursue a new chapter in my career because I felt like something was missing. Two months later Covid hit, and I felt like I made the worst decision of my life as I was completely isolated from everyone I loved.
Fast forward two years, and I have grown and learned so much. I’m now part of an incredible organization, doing what I love, and I even ended up finding love and getting engaged in this unfamiliar city! I have never regretted taking a chance, even when it didn’t go as planned. To me, there is nothing scarier than not achieving your dreams because you were too afraid of failing.

When employees join FSQ, they’re asked to share a fun fact with the rest of the company. What’s your fun fact?
My fun fact is that I have a cooking blog! Cooking has always been a passion of mine; I grew up watching my grandma and mom cook, and some of my favorite memories were made in the kitchen. I love coming up with new recipes and sharing them with friends and family. Cooking is a great way for me to unwind and relax after a long day of work. Open a bottle of vino, play some music, and let’s go!

What’s a hidden gem that you love and would like to help others discover?
Blue Ribbon in Pacific Palisades has the best spicy tuna crispy rice I’ve ever had! Also, Kafe K in Santa Monica is a casual lunch spot on Main Street that surprisingly has one of the most delicious thin crust pizzas in town. If you go, order the burrata with prosciutto or the caprichosa–you won’t regret it!

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