CB Insights names Foursquare #1 leader in location intelligence

CB Insights, a trusted source of technology market intelligence, has recognized Foursquare as the top industry leader in Location Intelligence.

For this analysis, CB Insights defines the Location Intelligence market as one that provides businesses with valuable insights into how consumers interact with physical spaces, allowing for data-driven decision making in areas such as real estate, retail, healthcare, and advertising. Read CB Insights’ full analysis of the Location Intelligence industry here.

Foursquare stood out from industry peers and emerged as the #1 leader in the Location Intelligence market, exceeding 13 private technology vendors profiled.

Why was Foursquare recognized as #1 in Location Intelligence?

Key market differentiators that CB Insights cited for Foursquare’s leading position include:

  • Foursquare has access to first-party data with stronger Point of Interest (POI) coverage, providing more accurate and detailed location intelligence compared to competitors relying on third-party data sources
  • Foursquare offers advanced visit detection methodologies and cutting-edge tools for geospatial and time-based joins, delivering a more seamless user experience and a stronger feature set
  • Foursquare is an independent provider with a privacy-first stance

In an in-depth analysis of the Location Intelligence landscape, Foursquare achieved a Scorecard of 9.6 out of 10 – more than a point higher than the score given to the closest ranking industry peer.

Execution and Market Strength

CB Insights leverages data and analyst insight to identify and rank leading companies in a given industry, displaying companies’ positions visually in an Execution, Strength, and Positioning (ESP) Matrix. Companies are selected for final inclusion in the matrix based on overall quality as well as strength of signals pertaining to their Market and Execution. The below visual displays how Foursquare is positioned in the Location Intelligence landscape.

Expert analysts recognize the growing importance of location intelligence

CB Insights is well known for predicting emerging trends, anticipating changing market dynamics, and identifying future challenges. Their objective is to empower every organization to make smarter decisions about technology, informing strategic, data-driven decisions. With comprehensive research across the technology ecosystem, they’ve determined that location intelligence “offers a crucial tool for businesses looking to stay competitive in an ever-changing landscape.”

The team of expert analysts set out to examine all of the different vendors that “offer solutions such as location-based analytics… to help businesses optimize their operations and improve the customer experience.” Integrating thousands of unique data points to determine a company’s positioning relative to its peers, CB Insights then delivers an objective, visual representation of the market in an ESP Matrix and Rankings.

It’s an honor to be recognized as the market leader in the CB Insights analysis of the Location Intelligence landscape. These findings underline the importance of quality data at scale, innovation, and putting privacy-first. Location intelligence’s ability to understand places and movement should be a given. Foursquare stood out because of our unrivaled accuracy and scale, cutting-edge tools like Foursquare Studio, and privacy-first stance.

For more on this CB Insights analysis and its methodology, download the full report here.

To learn more about Foursquare’s cutting edge tools, check out Foursquare Studio & Developer Toolkit.

Reviewed By: Ariel Eck

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