The State of the QSR Industry

  • October 18, 2022

Fast food brands seek to gain deeper insight as to how QSR customers’ preferences and ultimately, their brand loyalty, is evolving in real-time. In order to see the full picture, brands & marketers can leverage location data to assess the competitive landscape, uncover foot traffic patterns by daypart and identify fast food preferences by market.

Each year, Foursquare publishes the latest QSR Loyalty Index, revealing a ranked list of the top quick service restaurants in the United States based on their customers’ loyalty. Beyond analyzing loyalty, we set out to gain a better understanding of the state of the QSR industry at large, based on foot traffic data during the 12-month period starting July 1 2021 and ending June 30 2022.

Foursquare analyzed consumer behavior based on foot traffic data from millions of Americans that make up our always-on panel. For the purpose of this report, all data is aggregated and normalized against U.S. Census data to remove any age, gender and geographical bias.